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A vehicle plowed through a crowd of Trump supporters in Yorba Linda, California, on Saturday. The incident reportedly took place in a parking lot.

Violence broke out as supporters of President Donald Trump staged a counter protest against a Black Lives Matter demonstration organized by the Urban Organizers Coalition.

The pro-Trump crowd reportedly confronted the militant leftists while chanting “USA,” leading to multiple fights prior to the car driving through the crowd of patriots.

“At least two people were injured, including a man who was bloodied. Ambulances were summoned. People chased the car, which eventually stopped and was surrounded by sheriff’s deputies,” the OC Register reports.

A far-left reporter at the scene tweeted that there was “more violence than I’ve ever seen at one of these things.”

The driver of the car, a woman, has not been arrested, according to the OC Register. ABC 7 reports that they have been detained, however, according to a statement from the Sheriff’s Department.

At least one person has been transported to the hospital with injuries.

An unlawful assembly was declared and the police have been working to clear the scene.

  • Doir Alexander says:

    What really pisses me off is that I had no idea there was a Trump rally in Yorba Linda. I would have been there. How do we organize like BLM?

  • Smokey says:


  • Frances Carlson says:

    Protesting in the street is fool-hearty I don’t care which side of this war you’re on. That being said, there’s a huge difference between protesters attacking vehicles and plowing through when unprovoked. The lack of consistency with which these drivers are treated is going to create further problems down the road. Stay safe everyone.

  • F*** thedems says:

    Interesting… the crowd was Trump supporters not protestors or activists blocking traffic and rioting looting burning down city areas. The driver was a leftist member of a domestic terrorist group, this happened Saturday, here it is Monday and I have not heard one thing about this on the news yet.. no outrage, now media blitz.. silence! The person who did this was NOT arrested… detained but not charged with a crime. Wha??? Has this been a person who drove through a ANTIFA/ BLM rally it’s all we would be seeing on tv, the internet and in papers! No the media isn’t picking one side over the other… yeah right!

  • Sandra Cloud says:

    If the driver had been a Trump supporter, she would have been arrested or shot at the scene. Who does she know/blow in order to not be arrested for this obvious CRIME?

  • CF