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BREAKING: Muslim Tries to Hijack Airplane In THIS Surprise State. MEDIA SILENT.



After 9/11, Americans were instilled with fear about flying on airplanes. Muslims know they have us in their grips, and that’s exactly where they want us to stay.

The media failed to report an odd occurrence that took place on an American Airlines flight on Friday. Two Air Force fighter jets were needed to escort the flight into the Honolulu International Airport in Hawaii because an insane Muslim man was behaving strangely on the flight. This is some pretty big news, but you’re not going to see it published anywhere else, because it doesn’t support the Left’s narrative.

Anil Uskanil is a 25 year old Turkish man who exhibited bizarre behavior both before, and during, American Airlines Flight 31. He was arrested earlier that morning at the Los Angeles International airport for opening a door that led straight to an airfield ramp.

The media is keeping quiet and stifling this story for a reason. Liberals want to perpetuate the illusion that all Muslims are victims of American persecution. In reality, it’s the other way around, and it’s been this way for a long time.

Never before have a couple of American Christians boarded a Middle Eastern plane with the intention of causing the aircraft to fall dangerously from the sky. American Christians also haven’t inflicted numerous terrorist attacks or suicide missions on Middle Eastern soil while shouting the name of their Lord.

People on Flight 31 reported their experiences with Uskanil’s behavior on the plane. Flight members Mark and Donna Basden shared that the man looked strangely out of place, claiming he sat in first class when his boarding pass instructed him to be in row 35, which was in the rear of the plane.

Grant Arakelian, another passenger on the flight, mentioned “He was very quiet, moving very sluggish. He was trying to approach the cabin, like where the captain is.” Arakelian noted that this was noticed by the flight attendant, who used her serving cart to barricade the entrance to the cabin.

If and when this story receives national attention, the Left is going to employ their typical rhetoric, blaming the passengers on the flight for showing concern. Liberals use the identity of perpetrators to formulate their opinions on a given situation.

They consult their mental checklist of oppression — the higher up an individual is, the more excuses they create to ignore the facts. The Left’s narrative is an emotionally-driven, fact-negating tool of political correctness.

It’s almost as if America has forgotten about the terror we experienced on September 11th, 2001. We have every right to keep our guard up.

If someone sees an individual acting suspiciously on a plane, or anywhere else for that matter, they need to be encouraged to speak up.

Thanks to all who aired on the side of caution on Flight 31. Appropriate protocol was able to be followed, and not a single passenger was hurt.

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    The news media is failing us…

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