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North Korea’s Supreme Leader/dictator Kim Jong-un has reportedly died, or is on his death bed with no hope for recuperation — according to media outlets in China and Japan.

A vice director of HKSTV Hong Kong Satellite Television, a Beijing-backed broadcast network in Hong Kong, claimed that Kim was dead, citing a “very solid source.” Her post on the Chinese messaging app Weibo has been shared widely on social media, according to a report in the International Business Times.

The outlet reports — citing a Chinese medical expert privy to the situation — that Kim had clutched his chest in early April and fell down while visiting the countryside there.

He needed a stent procedure done, but apparently … it either wasn’t done rapidly enough, or it was botched completely by the surgeon — with some reports saying he had shaky hands.

Former Fox News reporter Adam Housley cited a Hong Kong media outlet that reported the North Korean leader had passed.

Japanese sources reported that the Supreme Leader had undergone a cardiac procedure and was left braindead. “Wild if true. Japanese magazine reports Kim Jong Un may be in a vegetative state after doctors struggled to insert stents in his arteries following a collapse. Source is one Chinese medical official,” Wall Street Journal Japan’s Alastair Gale tweeted.

Reuters reported late Friday that a team of Chinese medical experts had been sent to North Korea “to advise on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un” — a report Housley noted had come out of Taiwan two days earlier.

Housley also noted that Kim Jong Un’s absence from Army Day celebrations were a fair indicator that he was at the very least not doing well.

No official word has come from North Korea.

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    What?? Flattop is dead?

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