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BREAKING: Obama Makes SICKENING ANNOUNCEMENT About Chicago Torture Incident



Whenever a black kid is shot by a cop, President Obama wastes no time calling a national press conference and crying racism.

But now that a gang of black thugs tortured a white disabled Trump supporter, the president has a much different tone. From The Hill:

President Obama has called the beating of a mentally disabled man broadcast on Facebook Live “despicable,” but says the incident is not a sign racial tensions are worsening. Obama said the incident involving four black suspects and a white victim is an example of how racial strife is more visible in the digital age, but said the overall path of race relations in the U.S. is “very positive.”

“In part because we see visuals of racial tensions, violence and so forth because of smartphones and the internet … what we have seen as surfacing, I think, are a lot of problems that have been there a long time,” Obama said in an interview with a CBS affiliate in Chicago.

In the video, which showed a group of people gagging and attacking a white, disabled suburban Chicago teen, chants of “f— Donald Trump” and “f— white people” could be heard.Obama expressed alarm about the attack, which he referred to in a separate interview with Chicago’s WLS as an apparent “horrific hate crime.”But the president said he remains hopeful about the future.

“I take these things very seriously,” he told WBBM. “The good news is that the next generation that’s coming behind us … have smarter, better, more thoughtful attitudes about race.”

Obama is despicable and has done nothing for race relations. What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments section below!

Source: Conservativeworlddaily

  • Joellen says:

    You obama are a blind misinformed idiot. And because you have no idea what your very sick twisted judgement has done.You will never see the truth because in your radical twisted ideology of a way of life. Means you can lie twist info use in a way to cover your false ideology. That makes you think it’s ok what you and your twisted sick minion do is ok and not a change in a very dark way. For these people you are a divider it’s your way to control a twisted ideology. And make it ok.Well idiot it’s not and your the best false prophet that ever walk this earth.

  • Carla Rutkowski says:

    Obama and his “wife” have definitely put us back decades with regards to racial tension. He is very biased when it comes to BLM but when it comes to his own people in the inner big cities, he has done nothing in 8 yrs.

  • Linda says:

    He has done nothing but agitate this race problem. He has single handedly been successful in dividing OUR country taking the side of thugs over the police and or White people. “White” people are the root of everything that these thugs do. He and the media have lied on numerous occasions to benefit his agenda. He thinks he is GOD. Well here in the end times he may very well be the AntiChrist. Be carful people., For following a false god. Check all the lies, and deception in his administration.

  • CF