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BREAKING: Obama’s Big Secret Uncovered In Loretta Lynch Investigation



The Senate has launched an investigation into Obama Era corruption revealing unsettling connections to Progressive billionaire George Soros.

Former President Barack Obama has been caught fleeing the country after the Senate initiated an investigation into political interference in the 2016 Election by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch (via CBS News).

Barack Obama, his wife Michelle, and their two daughters abruptly left the United States for Indonesia– one of the few countries that have yet to sign an extradition treaty with the United States.

Obama spent his early years and received his grade school education at an Islamic school in Indonesia. The former president went by Barry Soetoro after his Indonesian step-father.

The Senate Intelligence Committee has launched an official probe into Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. Lynch stands accused of interfering in the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server.

The FBI has obtained information from a hacked DNC document of Lynch’s offering assurance to a Democrat operative that she would prevent the investigation “from going too far.”

The New York Times originally broke the story. It was later verified by The Washington Post. They also revealed the email had been sent to Leonard Benardo of the Open Society Foundation.

Alarm bells immediately rang in the heads of Republican senators. The Open Society Foundation was founded and is managed by megalomaniac George Soros.

The Senate has learned that former President Obama was working with the Open Society Foundation while obstructing an FBI investigation. This was for political purposes; to ensure the election of his party’s candidate. The New York Times even covered for Lynch by dismissing the international connection to foreign billionaire George Soros as a Progressive Democrat operative.

Both the Senate and the FBI have asked for a copy of the email reported by The New York Times, yet neither group has received a copy. Lynch has turned down all requests to work willingly with investigators.

Former FBI Director James Comey cited the email to justify his decision to ignore Justice Department protocol and announce the conclusion of the Clinton investigation.

James Comey also testified under oath that he was “confused” by Lynch’s attempts to interfere in the investigation.

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