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BREAKING: Obama’s College Record Leak, See It Before IT’S DELETE AGAIN!



Throughout his presidency, Barack Hussein Obama has managed to keep his college records hidden from the public: until now.

The “Americans for Freedom of Information” finally managed to get their hands on Obama’s college records from his freshman year at Occidental College, and what they have revealed is disturbing.

The papers show that Obama obtained financial aid under the name of an Indonesian student Barry Soetoro.

On top of that, he was also given a scholarship that is only given to foreign students.

This means that Obama either gamed the system and lied to his school, or he’s been lying to us either way. Either way, it’s clear this man should never have been president…

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Source: Conservativepost

  • Cassie madrid says:

    This is’nt new news this has been on fb befor so why didnt the government do something about it befor becouse this just goes to show our corrupt the government is they always bring out all the bad in the president at the end of their election

  • Mary says:

    Yes so the government agencies should pull up his record before he got election so it means that Hillary Clition help get on the presidential Champaign well, back then I know he wasn’t right back he first started America it is not Islamic States /** this is North America same connection with South America

    North America

    United States of America

  • kgl says:

    Are you sure that this is Obama?

  • Greg Medina says:


  • Cooki Harmon says:

    Had the Press done their jobs and truly vetted this fraud we would be in a lot better shape right now. He had a free pass all along the way! I have said for a long time that the press in this Country will one day be it’s biggest downfall and the past 8 yrs. are proof positive!!

  • CF