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BREAKING: Paul Ryan Just Owned Obama! What He Just Did Will Make Trump Smile!




Today, The House passed legislation to block President Obama from making new rules. These rules are called Midnight Regulations. And the last thing we need is Obama to try to sabotage A Trump presidency in ANY way!

Paul Ryan Discussed WHY We need this Bill so badly

Paul Ryan stated,

“Earlier this week, House Republicans sent a letter to the Obama administration asking that they not advance any new regulations before leaving office. Remember, this is not unusual. The incoming administration made a similar request in 2008.

“In addition, the House today will pass a measure making it easier to stop midnight regulations. There is a tradition of bipartisan opposition to regulations imposed at the end of an outgoing administration. We have seen just how the impact of just one rule can hurt entire industries and livelihoods.

“So the last thing that we need to see today or in the next weeks is unelected bureaucrats pushing through regulations at the 11th hour. We look forward to tackling regulatory reform in the new unified Republican government.”

**Obama is PISSED about this.

Now We don’t have to worry about Obama passing any last minute regulations to try to stop Trump! Sorry Obama! Not this time!

This is Great news for the coming Trump presidency. We’re One step ahead of the Democrats, and step closer to Making America Great Again!

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  • Adam Jones says:

    Well I see this website is about promoting the image of Trump and not the image of the country. You are promoting hate between both parties instead of promoting unity and encouraging them to work together. So sad. So the house is all about the interest of both parties and not of the nation.smh

  • Diane says:

    Thank you Paul Ryan.I fully agree with you in getting this bill passed.Enough of Obama not making good decisions for the people of the United States.

  • Dennis W.Quayle says:

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  • CF