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BREAKING: Pres. Obama Announces His Post-Presidency Plans – TRUMP ISN’T GOING TO LIKE IT!



Barack Obama was the liberal chosen one.

A reformed crack addict who used affirmative action to sneak past more qualified students into top Ivy league schools, who used low expectations to soar to new heights and pull the wool over his liberal buddies eyes.

How bad did Obama fail? Check out these brutal charts that clearly show the damage he has done to this great nation.


How did this disaster happen?

Obama made his mark on the world not by starting a business or contributing to the common good, but instead by community organizing, whatever that means.

He lost his first local election in a landslide, and won his 2nd attempt only because his opponent was caught up in a scandal. Basically lucky timing.

He decided to run for the Senate and again got lucky when his opponent, the very popular republican incumbent Jack Ryan, was brought down by another scandal.

More lucky timing.

In the Senate he was a no-show. Rarely bothering to even show up for work, let alone vote on important bills.

He made one good speech and was suddenly thrust into the national spotlight which he promptly hogged.

He spent 3 years in the Senate before deciding to run for President. The republicans knew what would happen if this totally unqualified person actually won and warned the nation.

But in another unbelievable stroke of luck, the economy crashed 2 months before the election and America put him in charge.

And America paid the price for electing this charlatan. Take a look at the above charts again, literally everything he touched he ruined.

America will recover, we always do, even from Obama’s many failures.

But in an act of ultimate karma, the liberals who promoted a crack smoking do nothing as their savior will not recover.

Obama may have tried to destroy America but he actually succeeded in destroying the democratic party.

When Obama came into office they controlled the house, and had a filibuster proof majority in the Senate and had control across many state governments.

When Obama leaves office the dems have lost the House, the Senate (the 2018 elections will give Trump a filibuster proof majority in the Senate), and the presidency.

But that’s not all.

Republicans now control more state governments than ever before. The Democrats have not been this decimated at the state level since 1860.

That is quite a legacy Barack. You literally destroyed everything you touched.

I will say this, you did not make it easy for Trump.

But Trump will repair the damage you have done and make America great again. But not the democratic party. That corrupt organization deserves to be wiped out.

Do you agree?

Source: Federalists papers

  • Tom says:

    Let go back to organizing. Maybe he will get arrested and we won’t have to deal with him for a while.

  • William Bevan says:

    Wake-Up America: Barack Hussein Obama must be brought before the U.S. Justice System, and answer for the thousand acts of treason he committed against the USA in the name of Allah. Islam must be removed from the American Landscape, and never be allowed to return. In time of War, treason is punishable by the death penalty, and that will be Barack Hussein Obama’s presidential legacy. Execution by a U.S. Military Firing Squad for treason. Allahu Akbar, Obama!

  • Sandra says:

    Yes, I agree!

  • CF