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A man identifying himself as “Ace Burns” delivered an ominous threat to New Yorkers Saturday during a live interview on Fox News, warning that protesters could set fire to Manhattan’s storied Diamond District if New York leaders don’t meet their demands.

“Today, I’m giving a demonstration from Barclay’s Center at 6 p.m. to City Hall, and that’s the first stop — and we’re hoping [Mayor] De Blasio and [Gov.] Cuomo come out and talk to us and give the youth some direction,” he told Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich.

“But if they don’t, then [the] next stop is the Diamond District,” he said, referring to a block on Manhattan’s 47th Street known for jewelry shops. “And gasoline, thanks to Trump, is awfully cheap. So we’re giving them a chance right now to do the right thing.”

NYPD arrested the man later Saturday, Heinrich tweeted.

During his earlier interview, he also showed an “#FTP” hashtag apparently written in marker on his arm. “You know, I’m a leader of this FTP movement. It means a lot of things. It can mean free the people, it can mean for the people, it could also mean fire to property — and that’s very possible.”

When asked when the protests would end, the man said that was the wrong question. “The question should be what policies are we going to enact to make people feel safe?”

After his comments aired, Fox News’ Eric Shawn condemned the apparent threat. “That person was basically suggesting that they plan to go to the diamond district which is run basically by Orthodox Jews here in New York City — certainly hope that is not the case and we do not endorse — in fact, we condemn that type of language here on the Fox News channel,” Shawn said.

The NYPD, mayor’s office, and governor’s offices did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

A Twitter account Burns’ name showed him in a video purportedly outside of Barclay’s Center, where he says he’s starting a “revolution.”

A LinkedIn profile that appeared to belong to Burns said that he serves as the founder of Koinda Records. That company was also found on a Facebook profile that appeared to belong to him. His Linkedin includes a status about a black man who claimed he was racially profiled at Best Buy. “This has to end!!! Racism in our society has to become unacceptable, period!!” the status reads.

  • Gerry says:

    And this is the kind of MF’er that the so-called leadership of our states and country should listen to. Throw away the fkn key but knowing how the scumbags deblasio and cuomo are — he is most likely already out and they gave him a room at the Waldorf to plan the destruction of nyc.

  • N says:

    And just exactly when will these terrorists take time from their busy schedules to protest the BLACK ON BLACK violence in Chicago? So far, this year, more black people have murdered other black people in Chicago than in all of last year. Doesn’t THOSE black lives matter at all?!

  • roger mccalpin says:

    everyone can think of something to thank Trump for, even him.

  • rcb says:

    shove a lite molotov cocktail up his ass….

  • Josie says:

    Think about it everyone. The Diamond District is part of a system that if burned will impact many countries. Surely thats some shat, for saying give me your money or I’ll burn your house. Detroit a perfect example.

  • CF