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BREAKING: Rush Limbaugh DROPS Bombshell About James Comey, Reveals Who He REALLY Is…



Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh watched the recent testimony by disgraced former FBI Director James Comey, and he was not impressed, both by what Comey said and about the response from disloyal Republicans on Capitol Hill.

Stated Rush, “I have been somewhat disappointed in the squishiness of Republican senators in this hearing today, and then I had to catch myself and realize they don’t like Trump. They have no brief for Trump. Half of them are running around salivating President Pence.”

Limbaugh then ripped into James Comey and his unconvincing portrayal of his role in his conversations with President Donald Trump. Said Limbaugh, “Comey says that Trump invited him to the Valentine’s Day dinner and that Trump said he needed loyalty. We knew that. That’s not new. Comey says he didn’t say anything or even change his expression when Trump said he wanted loyalty. What a great drama queen, Comey saying he was able to maintain his stone face.”

Continued Rush, “He has a told the Democrats and the media just enough for them to continue their narrative that Trump’s scum and a pig and violated the law, and he has given the Republicans enough ammo to take the position Trump didn’t do anything. In other words, nothing is gonna change here. When this is all over, nobody [in the] media is gonna say, ‘You know what? We blew it!’”

He added, “At any rate, this entire thing I think is rooted in the fact that Donald Trump speaks a foreign language from what is spoken in Washington. Trump shows up in Washington, and he speaks the way he speaks. So Trump shows up, he invites Comey into the Oval Office, and Comey starts quaking in his boots … And what does Comey hear? … Comey heard all kinds of things that Trump didn’t say. … Comey is admitting he has to try to read minds here to understand what Trump is saying. So you have an admitted coward and somebody who’s admittedly afraid to be alone in a room with the guy now trying to tell us what Trump really meant.”

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  • Comedy is for Comey no matter which way the wind blows. New Yorkers say it straight… ruffles….like a man!

  • Jack says:

    LӏKE WHAT DADDY, TELL US, TELL US.? ᗷoth boys jumped up and down wanting to know find օut hoᴡ to make God happy.

  • CF