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Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ) made a major move on the floor of the Senate on Tuesday afternoon, introducing legislation to withhold the pay of United States senators until the COVID-19 economic relief package passes the upper chamber:

“If Americans aren’t getting paid, then neither should the Senators failing to support the workers and families who need help making ends meet. Today, I introduced legislation to have Senators’ pay withheld until relief is passed. It is despicable that millions of Americans are without a paycheck in this time of crisis, while the Senate wastes precious time playing political games. The Senate must pass this relief package now in order to get cash straight to the people,” Sen. McSally said in a release.

Sen. McSally also criticized Sen. Schumer’s (D-NY) delay of passing the emergency relief package:

Sen. McSally’s proposal is in response to the partisan gridlock occurring on Capitol Hill, much the fault of Democrats. A bipartisan relief package was all but voted through the Senate until Democrats ditched the bipartisan effort at the eleventh hour. Democrats have since written their own version of a “stimulus package,” with Speaker Pelosi at the forefront of the effort, but Democrats’ version of the bill is comprised of various far-left policy proposals disguised as a relief package, as Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) points out:

Watch Sen. McSally’s remarks here:

  • Michael T says:

    Baghdad Bob lives!

  • Gerry says:

    Why not include the House members also. The pig sucking piglosi wants to keep throwing their “green BS, open borders,planned parenthood,amnesty for illegals” into the bill — so stop their pay also. This should be a Coronavirus bill ONLY !!!!!!!

  • Lee says:

    Racist bitch pandering to the black community so she can get their vote back since the dems are losing their vote. After the election like all others she will not know the exist.

    • Lee says:

      to clarify i was talking about Pelosi not McSally. I wish I lived in her state so I could vote for her. SHe is great plus serving out country in the military

  • CF