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BREAKING: Trump Just Announced HE WON THE POPULAR VOTE – Hillary Invovled In Massive Voter Fraud



Sunday afternoon Donald Trump tweeted that he won the popular vote if you factor out “the millions of people who voted illegally.”

Earlier today Trump put Jill Stein and the Hillary Clinton campaign in their place about the recounts, recalling how people were on his case to accept the election results.

Well, now Trump is laying down the law again on Twitter:

Do you think Trump won the election??

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Source: Americanreviewer

  • Dray says:

    It does not matter what anyone thinks, Trump did win the election!

  • Trubicon says:

    Invovled? Are you guys for real? Also, you can’t just say something is true because you want it to be. Let’s see your proof. So sad. Y’all are sore winners. Lies are also very unbecoming. They catch up to you sooner or later. Just sayin’…

  • CF