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BREAKING: Trump Just Cut Off Food Stamps For 2 MASSIVE Groups…Americans Are CHEERING!



We have to wonder why liberals think Obama did such a good job as president.

The national debt and the shocking number of people on government programs proves he did a poor job. A good president helps restore the economy, so that Americans have job opportunities. Instead Obama made it easy for more and more people to take instead of give.

A thriving nation is one full of people who work. They earn a living to support their families. They take ownership of their own lives.

A nation full of people getting food stamps is weak. Those people need the government to take care of them. That’s a bad situation to be in.

But now that President Trump is in office, things are changing. We see jobs coming back into the country. The stock market is booming. Companies have promised to invest in American labor.

On top of that, Trump is getting the federal budget under control. He is reforming government handout programs.

The first one to get serous changes will be food stamps. And a few freeloaders are getting the boot.

From Yes I’m Right:

Overseeing the food benefit program (SNAP) is The U.S. Department of Agriculture, who reportedly has almost 43.6 million people getting food stamps as of April 2016.

On that massive meal ticket are a particularly grotesque bunch of criminals who have been convicted of sickening sex crimes and murder. These violent perverts are among those getting the boot…

Felons aren’t the only ones on the potential chopping block. Those who were lucky enough to win a large lottery sum or gambling winnings aren’t so lucky that they get to keep their welfare and windfall of funds.

If they happen to spend through that cash and wind up in need again, they can get on welfare, but the proposal would prevent them from being on it while benefitting from their cash prize.

Imagine that. Under Obama, murderers and sex offenders were getting free food, courtesy of you and men. Even worse, people who won millions on the lotto or gambling were getting their food bill comped–by the U.S. tax payer.

Why was Obama so intent of protecting these two groups? Food stamps and Welfare are meant to help those struggling to find work, not criminals and lotto winners.

It seems like liberals just love spending our money, regardless on who. They love to punish hard-working tax payers to reward child molesters and gamblers. Insane.

But that’s all coming to an end. President Trump is ending such abuses and getting federal programs back on track.

Yet another reason you should be happy he won.

  • Jim says:

    Stuff like this just reinforces what we all new, our government has always been corrupt. Liberals will have a stroke over this announcement. Lets see what groups are getting a free ride. Lets start with hated muslims, murderers,rapists, drug addicts, sex offenders, and finally, lazy white and black people that have been on public assistance for generations. Get a job you lazy pieces of SHIT….

  • tom says:

    Im all for cutting social programs for freeloaders. Im a Trump supporter from day 1 But there is a problem with this kind of thinking. Im a convicted felon I was raised in a fucked up family and went down the wrong road when I was 25 (selling cocaine to my other misguided friends to support my habit). I was arrested w/1 gram of coke. I ended up pleading guilty to an E felony did 4 mos in county jail and 4 mos in a drug treatment program. Im now 51 yrs old and havent been in trouble in 25 yrs I turned my life around.Im still suffering the consequences of my mistake. Im unable to secure a good job with retirement or any other benefits. Ive always worked construction and have done well for myself but now Im getting a little long in the tooth to compete w/younger guys especially with the flood of young latinos who are willing to work for low wages. So my question is what are the options for a guy in my situation? I will never suck off of the teat of society but what other options will I have. Our system is holding me and many others down and causing many of our problems. I support the death penalty for criminals who hurt others. What about people like me why does the system have to keep making me pay for something I did a lifetime age. Just something to think about.

  • Andrea says:

    This is complete and utter fake news. To sit here and claim that Obama was “awarding” fellows and child molesters food stamps and welfare is asinine and you clearly aren’t that bright. Anyone who believes that is an idiot. That program has been in place for decades and REPUBLICANS supported it just like dems did. Your wording is meant to stir conflict just like your president does…so kudos to you for adding to the problem instead of helping it. It’s people like you that make us all mistrust the media. You can’t slant the truth..and your followers should fact check the hell out of ur articles before believing your propaganda.

  • CF