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BREAKING: Trump Just FIRED Obama’s Overpaid Staffers – Watch Their Pathetic Reaction



Donald Trump dropped a bombshell on Barack Obama’s entire administration just before Christmas when he fired every U.S. ambassador appointed by the current president, effective Inauguration Day.

A report published by The New York Times on Thursday night revealed that the State Department sent out a notice on December 23 explaining to Obama’s ambassadors that they will all be out of the job as of January 20.

While liberals are up in arms about this, a senior Trump official said there was no ill will behind this move. Instead, it was simply meant to ensure that Obama’s political appointees leave their positions on schedule, just as thousands of other government employees must do. The official added that this directive should not have come as a surprise to the ambassadors.

Past administrations have often fired all of the previous president’s “political” ambassadors, as these people were typically major donors who were nominated by virtue of close ties with the president. Meanwhile, career diplomats are typically permitted to remain at their posts.

Not this time, however, as Trump is making it clear he wants to purge the entire government of anyone related to Obama.

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  • Jody little says:

    Fire them all YESTERDAY

  • Tom says:

    Just say no to moles.

  • Scott Crosby says:

    Smart move, Of course he fired them. What else would a smart man do? I hope that includes the entire WH staff.

  • CF