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BREAKING: Trump Just Released Health Care PLan & Announces DEATH OF OBAMACARE – BARACK LIVID!



Donald Trump has outlined his plans for healthcare and it involves dismantling Obamacare.

He wants state barriers to be eliminated which will allow for more competition among the leading health insurance companies instead of the current monopoly situations.

Obama didn’t seem to understand that if there is no free market, there will be monopolies that can charge whatever they want.

Trump also wants there to be tax deductions for insurance premium payments. He is also aiming to negotiate with the major drug companies to have more affordable pricing.

What are your thoughts on this?

Source: Conservativebrief

  • Debbie Castor says:

    Great, I would love to see Obama care be appealed and destroyed!

  • Audrey says:

    Let’s wait to see the rest of the plan!

  • Ken says:

    Get r done Mr President Trump ,and thank you!

  • T.H says:

    why does this web site have all the nasty ads on top??? i am gong to stop reading these…but i do support Trump

  • Susan Pizzarelli says:

    It’s about time someone is trying to come up with healthcare that can benefit all classes

  • Jane says:

    I’m so happy, but he needs to let the insurance companies they need to pay more. They are taking us to the cleaners.

  • CF