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BREAKING: Trump Makes Major Announcement – OBAMA IS LIVID!



Over the past eight years, Barack Hussein Obama has shown that he has absolutely no respect for the United States of America. Now, we are finally about to be rid of him, and his replacement Donald Trump is already making it clear that his presidency will be VERY different from Obama’s.

This week, Trump revealed his presidential seal, and we’re sure Obama and his supporters will not like it at all.

After Barack Obama was first elected president in 2008, he busted out his own version of the ‘presidential seal.’

From IJ Review:

This one…

And this one…

President-elect Donald Trump has been using something very different while on his ‘Thank You’ tour.

Something, shall we say, much more American…

He also used this ‘Merry Christmas’ seal in Wisconsin…


Time to become traditional again.

Time to make America great again.

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Source: Thepoliticalreviewer

  • Sabrina says:

    My kind of president Mr President Trump…

  • Rob McMillan says:

    I can tell president Trump truly loves America. President Obama is such a p.c. pussy…an absolute disgrace… I am so glad he’s almost gone.,…get out and take that ungreatful bitch with you to Cuba!

  • Bren says:

    So looking forward to my President making my country great and safe again!

  • Man says:

    Put him in Prison along with Hillary

  • CF