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BREAKING: Trump Makes Shock Move to STOP Welfare Abusers. What Do You Think?



Ever drive through the most impoverished part of your city and think to yourself “hey, might as well throw my debit card out the window?” You’re certainly not alone.

Looks like America’s welfare leeches need to stop loitering and start acquiring some productive skills. Trump pledged to make huge cuts to the food stamps program, currently known as “SNAP” (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Plan), which 43 million Americans are leeching off of. It costs working American taxpayers $45 billion per year to implement.

Two of the cuts he’s making include no longer providing SNAP benefits to sexual predators or lottery winners.

Suit up, shut up, and get to work. Hardworking, diligent citizens will no longer serve as your city’s Santa Clause. Donald Trump’s efforts to reduce funding for SNAP will serve a purpose, and shows leeches their behavior will no longer be tolerated. It’s about time the United States had a president who takes pride in it’s advantageous working class.

Trump’s changes to welfare benefits will, ultimately, curtail the need for big government-style social programs. The temporary nature of welfare benefits is corrupted and violated by the nation’s most languid people.

In Donald Trump’s America, you’re expected to work for what you have. The days of depending on your neighbor’s paychecks are coming to an end. Boundaries are being set, and the hard work of decent, persevering people will be protected.

Donald Trump refuses to stand by and allow the middle-class to get ripped off. Welfare programs don’t promote a consumer-driven, profitable society. They allow people to become comfortable in impoverished purgatory, while the earnings of full-time workers are assaulted and exploited.

Barack Obama cultivated a nation of entitled crybabies who depend on the government for a living. Women are having babies for a source of income, and people are engaging in unlawful conduct to qualify for welfare. It needs to be stopped, and stopped quick. Luckily, they’ve painted themselves into a corner.

See, these lazy people aren’t dumb. A considerable amount of welfare recipients are sell their food stamps on the street for cash. Their failed “entrepreneurial” efforts to profit from drugs, laziness, and their own benefits are proof positive that they, deep-down, possess a drive to earn and produce.

Trump will harness this drive, rather than dismiss it. He will undue the preemptive sense of entitlement Barack Obama once nurtured.

“Welfare leech” looks terrible on a resume. There’s no pride in being lazy, liberals.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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  • Carolyn says:

    I totally agree with my president! I know a lot of welfare leeches and it absolutely sickens me to know that my husband’s hard earned money is going to people who sit on their butts all day and contribute nothing to society. It’s time for them to get back to work, or go to work for the first time. Having a job is not a horrible thing it’s actually rewarding in many different ways. Can be very exhausting but very rewarding at the same time. There’s honor and work there is no honor in laziness.

  • johnny franklin says:

    unless u are a mulsum refferage then u get it all + change are laws was this all worth it to get oil for gasaline

  • Gwen says:

    Not against helping those who need it – but have seen a lot of abuse of the system – and for those receiving food stamps – there should be limits of what they can buy – like WIC. I work 40 a week and I buy hotdogs and hamburger – but see those on foodstamps buying steak – hello?

  • Martha Haley says:

    I am tired of having my income taken away to support these lazy people !!! It also takes away from people who really need it who are no longer able to work!!!

  • Barbara says:

    I see how a couple is no marriage but they have children received Foodstamp and more because she say is a single mother but the man is living there and work too
    This is happening millions of time because they living in a lie
    Another like me support our families and work 2 jobs
    This fakes need goback to work

  • Scott Fandry says:

    It’s a delicate balance since no one wants anyone to turn to crime to subsidize what they need or are used to getting. Better enforcement of the rules and slower implementation.

  • Eunice acreman says:

    I know there are people who abuse welfare.I am disabled .I have not abused what foodstamps i get. $25 a month cut from $50 which cut from $75. My check has not been raised in 8 yrs. I worked as long as doctors let me. I would consent to drug tests to increase my stamps or snap. Nothing to hide. People that have abused the system arent hurt .we are the ones who really need it.yes .gurls having 3 kids and getting checks etc i think something needs to be done. Ive thought that for yrs. Sorry dead beat husbands etc. Shoot give them a vesctomy and hysterectomy to women. Children are raised like dogs. If you want a child give it more than welfare. Give a better life. Poor babies.

  • CF