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BREAKING – Trump Preparing INCREDIBLE Move Against the UN. Do You Support Trump?



Our president is not only fulfilling campaign promises but also using common sense. After eight years of a regime hell bent on destroying the Constitution, it’s a welcome change!

President Donald Trump wants the State Department to cut more than 50 percent of the United States funding to the United Nations. Currently, the U.S. provides approximately $622 million (22 percent) of the regular budget and roughly $2.402 billion (over 28 percent) of the peacekeeping budget.

Trump is preparing to release his first budget. The 2018 proposed budget will be released on Thursday, The Hill reports.

Taxpayer money going to the United Nations is not the only line item on the chopping block. Trump is also expected to cut 37 percent from both the Agency for International Development and the State Department.

The Agency for International Development, more commonly known as USAID, was created for the purpose of giving away our money in the form of foreign aid in an executive order signed by JFK in 1961.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is calling for the UN 50 percent funding cut to be phased in as a series of major reductions over the next three years. It makes a bold impression, not only on the United Nations but on all the many countries that hate us yet continue to put their hand out and demand our money anyway!

America gives about $10 billion to the United Nations annually. We, of course, provide far more funding than any other member of the international body.

That money could be put to far better use here at home. Building the wall, funding grants for hiring more police officers, and repairing our crumbling roads and bridges would benefit Americans far more than handing over money to the United Nations.

Some of the United Nations programs predicted to be impacted by the funding cut include the United Nations’ development program and UNICEF — both of which are funded via the State’s Bureau of International Organization Affairs. The World Food Programme and refugees programs could also feel the burden of operating without the full support of the United States.

When veterans are living on the street and going hungry, any extra dime of taxpayer money demanded by our government should be going to care for them. Our heroes deserve at least a roof over their heads and food in their bellies!

The European Council on Foreign Relations’ expert on the UN, Richard Gowan, said the 50 percent cut could cause “chaos.” He said there would be a “gaping hole” other deep-pocket UN donors would be forced to try to fill.

What he calls chaos, I consider a wakeup call. The fact it, the American tax payer has been paying this tab for far too long.

The United Nations’ refugee program budget for last year was $4 billion. We the People provided $1.5 billion of the operation costs. With the United Nations having almost 200 members, that financial commitment seems just a bit out of whack to me.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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  • ted says:

    People will be hurt, nations will cry foul and the sicialists will cry for the kids.
    But Trump is correct, for too long we have paid out and received only scorn from other countries.
    Let the world fend for them selved, charity only breeds dependence. There will still be monies going out for those that are truly needy

  • William Hay says:

    If the UN don’t recent the order that they put on Israel giving their land away or don’t summit a order to give the land back to Israel then stop payment to the UN and if that is not good enough for them pull out and say bye.

  • Robert Schlothauer says:

    You darn right I support trump. I think if there is any veteran homeless and they can prove the are a veteran I have no problem using tax payer dollars to buy them a home and get them a job and back on their feet. But the catch is once we do this they need to do their part and stay on their feet because we should only do it once. Except if they get deployed to war and for some reason they loose their house then we should do it again. I’m sure there are ways they can pay their bills or get a waiver for their bills while the are at war until they get home and then pay all their back bills and mortgage

  • Mage Furman says:

    I say look after your own people the vets the homeless before looking after other countries people.

  • Dorothy says:

    Trump is right. Americans first — especially our veterans. Our money hasn’t earned respect by the nations with their hands out. Americans have theit own homeless and needy. More of our money should be used here at home.

  • CF