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Fox News’s Tucker Carlson informed viewers Wednesday evening that highly sensitive and “damning” documents his show received from a source about the Biden family have disappeared.

“On Monday of this week, we received, from a source, a collection of confidential documents related to the Biden family. We believe those documents are authentic, they’re real, and they’re damning,” he said.

Carlson explained when he and his executive producer received them they were in Los Angeles preparing for his interview with Tony Bobulinski about the Biden family’s shady foreign business dealings.

“So we texted a producer in New York and we asked him to send those documents to us in L.A. and he did that,” he explained. “So, Monday afternoon of this week he shipped those documents overnight to California with a large national carrier, a brand name company that we’ve used, you’ve used, countless times with never a single problem.”

They never got to Los Angeles, he said, noting that the shipping company contacted them on Tuesday morning to say the contents of the packing were missing: “The documents had disappeared.”

Despite the company’s best efforts at tracking every step of the package’s journey, there have no answers.

“They traced the envelope from the moment our producers dropped it off in Manhattan on Monday all the way to 3:44 a.m. yesterday morning. That’s when an employee at a sorting facility in another state noticed that our package was open and empty, apparently it had been opened,” he said. “So the company’s security team interviewed everyone of its employees who touched the envelope we sent, they searched the plane and the trucks that carried it. They went through the office in New York where our producer dropped that package off. They combed the entire cavernous sorting facility. They used pictures of what we had sent so that searchers would know what to look for, they went far and beyond, but they found nothing.”

Carlson continued: “Those documents have vanished. As of tonight, the company has no idea, and no working theory even, about what happened to this trove of materials, documents that are directly relevant to the presidential campaign just six days from now. We spoke to executives at that company a few hours ago, they seemed baffled and deeply bothered by this, and so are we.”


  • RockyMtn 1776 says:

    WHO had these documents? Copies must have been made. If not something is seriously wrong with this story.
    It must be proved without any doubt. If we were dealing with a Republican word of mouth would have been enough to ruin him. Totally different story with a Democrat crook.
    BOTH political parties and the media knew about Biden family illegal dealing and did nothing. That fact alone speaks volumes. It’s amazing America has held together as long as it has. We have elected some very evil, corrupt people since our founding. A few very good people have saved us, many working behind the scene and never heard of.

  • Joe says:

    Why would anyone mail important documents? Would you mail $50,000 cash in the mail?
    If they were important couldn’t they find someone to hand carry them? A few hundred dollars for a round trip air line ticket.

  • MAC says:

    Those are copies that are missing. The originals will be walked.

  • soupy says:

    No Kidding, who would have expected that to happen? Anybody with 1/2 a brain knows this is the way it goes. The next thing is to eliminate the messenger. Mr. Blu- keep you eyes open ,and your head down.

  • Annabel says:

    Actually folks.. Bo Bobolinski has several copies of what he told Tucker so they would be enough to convict these crooks. He needs round the clock protection…not recommended by Hillary either. To refresh your memories google “Those connection to the Clintons who died prematurely”.

  • Robertt says:


  • Sarge says:

    I’m a very simple minded man. But I would have put those documents in a briefcase and handcuffed them to a person I trusted. Then flown him with the briefcase and documents to the destination.

  • CF