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Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade criticized President Donald Trump’s foreign policy Monday, and Trump fired right back with a tweet, saying that Kilmeade “got it all wrong.”

“Brian Kilmeade over at @foxandfriends got it all wrong. We are not going into another war between people who have been fighting with each other for 200 years. Europe had a chance to get their ISIS prisoners, but didn’t want the cost. ‘Let the USA pay,’ they said,” Trump wrote.

“Kurds may be releasing some to get us involved. Easily recaptured by Turkey or European Nations from where many came, but they should move quickly. Big sanctions on Turkey coming! Do people really think we should go to war with NATO Member Turkey? Never ending wars will end!”

The president’s tweets came after Kilmeade said that Trump made a “huge mistake” by moving American forces out of Syria.

Fox recently released a poll showing 51 percent of Americans supported impeaching Trump and removing him from office.

Trump responded by saying that Fox News is “so different than it used to be.”

Longtime Fox News host Shepard Smith left the network Friday, and Trump responded by saying his departure was “probably because of bad ratings.”


  • Sue Jackson says:

    I was surprised and very disappointed in what & how Brian Kilmeade made his comment. I begin my day @ 6am each day with Fox & Friends because they have always been a dependable source for getting just the News. I don’t need nor care for the correspondents that want to give me their personal take or view of the news. I am a grown ass adult that spent my entire career working in healthcare where I faced having to make split second decisions daily so I’m quiet certain I possess the ability to discern the News without assistance from the reporter. Sometimes I think Kilmeade tries to be funny but falls flat on his face which should give him the hint that his job is supposed to be a “news reporter” that adheres to the ‘we report, you decide’ system of ethical journalism.

  • Diana says:

    It is time for Brian to go. Both Brian and Shep have the same strange look in their eyes and we don’t need them at Fox.

  • RIC CARTER says:

    Don’t forget some support impeachment to force democrats to have their votes on record, and to open up any and all to questioning by the Senate. That’s the last thing the left wants.


    I sincerely hope FOX gets things straight again. More “fair and balanced” and the other stations CNN, ABC, NBC, MSN, etc keep to themselves instead of tainting our only decent channel. Brian Kilmeade should not have taken that personal thought to the public. IF he thinks the President is wrong and he is a “unbiased reporter of the news” – It does not give him the right to state his own personal negative thought against the President’s action. STFU.

  • lou Vandiver says:

    I never liked Brian Kilmeade. Everytime I would see him come on I would turn the channel.

  • Lorrainie says:

    Funny thing is,Kilmeade isn’t President and it amazes me these so called tv guys know more than President Trump.
    President Trump knows what he’s doing and I stand with my President…PERIOD

  • CF