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Fox Nation host Britt McHenry has filed a lawsuit against her employer, Fox News, and a handful of her colleagues at the network, claiming she was repeatedly sexually harassed by her former co-host and was retaliated against for coming forward.

McHenry’s complaint alleges that last year she was sent several sexually explicit text messages from her former co-host George Murdoch — also known as Tyrus — and that when she reported the inappropriate behavior, Fox “punished the victim and rewarded the harasser.”

On Tuesday, McHenry tweeted, “I am standing up for myself, for women and for what’s right. I have maintained the same allegations because the truth doesn’t change. I feel for any sexual harassment victim who has their story and evidence dismissed, doubted and not believed.”

A Fox News spokesperson reacted to news of McHenry’s lawsuit, telling The Washington Post, “As we have previously stated, Ms. McHenry’s allegations have been fully investigated and we are confident our actions will be deemed entirely appropriate in litigation.”

Tom Claire, the attorney for Tyrus, told USA Today his client “looks forward to having a public forum in the court system to clear his name from the smear campaign that has been waged against him in the media.”

McHenry’s complaint lists numerous previous sexual harassment scandals at Fox News, and stated that “In practice, Fox News remains a sanctuary for sexual harassers, coddling and enabling men who abuse female employees.” The plaintiff also claims that she was labeled as “drama” by another colleague after she complained about Tyrus.

Fox News has, indeed, had some documented cases of sexual harassment in the past. McHenry has, indeed, had some drama in the past.

While working as a reporter at ESPN in 2015, a video of McHenry chewing out and demeaning a tow lot employee went viral. In the footage, McHenry can be seen telling the worker, “Do you feel good about your job? So I could be a college dropout and do the same thing? Maybe if I was missing some teeth they would hire me, huh?”

McHenry was laid off along with dozens of other ESPN employees in 2017. She later claimed she was let go because of her conservative political views.

  • demsaretraitors says:

    Another dopey idiot looking for a payout. How bad were these supposed texts? did she keep them? She should have… if so, we should see them. I bet they aren’t half or 1/4 as bad as she says…probably all just jokes he forwarded. This society is really starting to suck more and more, everyone is so ready to sue everyone else we cant do anything any more. not even tell a joke!

  • demsaretraitors says:

    its not fair that a lot of these women can get these jobs based on how they look and not because of some talent they bring to the company… then because they primp themselves up to look so good, men, because we are programed to be attracted to the best looking women of our species, do or say things that could be used against us like this. Id love to get hired based just on my looks then have all these women be attracted to me. id stay quiet and enjoy the attention AND the good pay check….unless of course, the women were al old fat and ugly! lol..

  • demsaretraitors says:

    we should get to see photos of the men who this woman says were sexually harassing her. if they are goods looking men then she doesn’t get to sue. if they were old or ugly or unattractive then yes, sue away! lol…

  • CF