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BUSTED: “Rising Star” of Democrat Party Caught In MASSIVE Scandal Scandal



Get them while they are young. Even the fresh blood of the Democrat Party rely on lying and cheap tricks to con their way into office.

Jeff Ossoff is a “rising star” in the Democrat Party who is attempting to clench his first election victory and win a seat in congress. Yet he has already been caught in a massive lie, claiming famed statistician Nate Silver endorsed him.

Nate Silver is a well-respected statistician who manages the blog FiveThirtyEight.  He gained national attention for his uncanny ability to predict the outcome of presidential elections.

Yet even the low-profile politico took grave offense when Jeff Ossoff used him as a prop to support his election.

In a campaign email seeking donations, Jeff Ossoff claimed that Nate Silver made a “stunning announcement” that Ossoff needed to win “if Democrats wanted to take back the House.” Silver made no such announcement.

The notoriously reclusive blogger then took to social media to call out the young Democrat claiming he was “making [stuff] up.”

Jeff Ossoff is attempting to win the special election for a congressional seat representing northern Atlanta. The seat was recently vacated by Republican Tom Price after he was appointed the Health Secretary.

The Democrats need all the help they can get to win the Republican seat, and the young and corrupt Ossoff is using lies and dirty tricks to achieve victory.

This is not the first time that Ossoff was caught lying to bolster his election chances. Ossoff has been claiming for months that he has over five years experience as a congressional staffer with top-level security clearance. In reality, he has just five months experience. A “slight” exaggeration of 55 months.

Ossoff repeatedly claimed this experience in campaign ads and at election events. The truth is that Ossoff was an aide for two years, and only had security clearance for five months.

Of course, Democrats are unable to win elections on the basis of their merits so they are forced to completely fabricate qualifications.

The young Democrat marks a trend in the Democrat Party of career politicians. Ossoff has absolutely no life experience, yet he is arrogantly convinced that he is capable of representing over 700,000 residents of Atlanta. He wouldn’t be fit to represent himself in an empty room!

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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  • Charlotte Dobbins says:

    He just sounds like a true Demoncrat to me

  • CF