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California Just Completed Their Final Vote Count, The Numbers Are STAGGERING! (STATS)



Well the liberals in California and Hollywood definitely turned up to vote.

California elections officials have completed their work tallying votes from the election on Wednesday, submitting a final report of more than 14.6 million ballots cast in races from president to seats in Congress and the state Legislature.

Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump in California by more than 4.2 million votes — almost double the number of ballots cast for Trump, helping boost her lead in the national popular vote.

Why is this important to know? Because it solidifies the belief that Hollywood and the media at large is run in a hugely LIBERAL STATE. Please remember this when reading news from other outlets. DO NOT BE FOOLED!

Voter turnout in California, in the final unofficial returns, was higher than it was in the presidential election four years ago: 75.3% of registered voters cast a ballot last month, compared with 72.36% casting a ballot in 2012.

Do you think Hillary should be held accountable for her actions?
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Source: Americanreviewer

  • Chastran says:

    HilLIARy’s a loser in many more ways than one…

  • Brends Peterson says:

    Most people could care less about Hollywood people. She lost and people need to put on their big people pants and move on. She may have won popular vote but most came from California and New York . The electoral college is in place to keep a few states from electing the President. The people in small states need to be represented also. She made mistake of thinking the rich and famous would get her elected while overlooking the working class. All these people that are so devastated should move to another country.We should all come together as a country and if you did not like election results put your time and effort to work o next campaign instead of complaining. You don’t have to like results but grow up no one gets ever thing they want in life and learning to accept defeat is sign of maturity.

  • Denise says:

    Well isn’t that something!?! Are there that many citizens in CA? How many illegals voted, that weren’t suppose to. Oh that’s right the Gov. Of CA allowed them to vote. Well that makes sense now right?

  • Scott Crosby says:

    Yes my beloved California has dropped a long way since the days of Ronald Reagan and George Dukemajian. What’s changed? Maybe the fact that illegals can legally acquire a driver’s license therebye register to vote might has made a difference? Of course all illegals were heavily motivated to vote against Trump do to has stance on deportation. How many dead people voted for Hillary? Gerry Brown and Obama openly encouraged illegals to vote. What about the super liberal California Universities turning out thousands of liberal millennials?

    Things have really changed and not for the better!!!

  • CF