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Fake news CBS got caught in a huge lie again.

CBS News used a photo from a Latinos for Trump in event in Phoenix and tagged it as Biden’s Latino event in Florida.

Emblazoned on CBS’s chyron: “Biden pitches crucial Latino voters during Florida campaign stop” — with a photo from Trump’s Phoenix rally.

A Latina in the photo was literally wearing a hat that said “I Love Trump.”

Brad Parscale blasted CBS!

Biden’s Latino event in Kissimmee, Florida yesterday was a total disaster.

Biden was nearly 2 hours late to the event.

This is the scene from Biden’s Latino event yesterday:

Then this happened…

After being introduced by Puerto Rican-American singer Luis Fonsi, Joe Biden pulled out his phone and started playing Despacito ahead of his remarks kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month.

“Despacito” means “slowly” — perfect for Slow Joe!


CBS News had to use a photo from a Trump rally because virtually no one was at Joe Biden’s Latino event.

  • Annabel says:

    THIS IS ENORMOUS NEWS! Alan Dershowitz is suing CNN for millions over misrepresenting what he said so TOO should CBS be sued for millions for deliberate misrepresentation to make Biden’s ‘rally’ look as good as the President’s rallies. PUTE THEM OUT OF BUSINESS.
    Also on a different subject if I may….Newt Gingrich really blasted George Soros for his funding of leftwing
    prosecutors around the country who let the BLM etc. looters and murderers off with just a tap on the wrist. Newt made it clear that Soros should be held responsible in a conversation with Harris Faulkner and was interrupted by Marie ‘BARF’ who uttered “do not go there re: Soros”. Newt was not deterred and continued with “SOROS FUNDED THE RIOTS – HE FUNDED THEM”. ‘Barf’ continued “do not bring this to this discussion”. EPIC. Good for Newt.
    I’ve been banging on about Soros since the early 70’s espec. when he broke the Bank of England and latterly meddled in the Austrian elections and other European, Israeli and Brazilian elections. Bring back the stocks.

  • Pat says:

    And now you know the rest of the fake story.

  • Curtis Russell says:

    Now that is entertainment! Way to go Slow Joe!

  • J Surhoff says:

    Liberals would be too stupid to notice the difference.

  • CF