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Chelsea Clinton Runs Her Mouth at Donald Trump – Gets Hit Back With THIS



Before the presidential election, Chelsea Clinton was regularly mocking and attacking Donald Trump. Now, however, this attitude has come back to mock her, as she has been exposed as a con artist just like her parents.

Conservative 101 reported that it was just revealed that Hillary Clinton gave Chelsea a $900,000 annual salary to run their “family charity” the Clinton Foundation, using “donated” money.

Just before the election, Chelsea went on liberal comedian Chelsea Handler’s talk show and was asked, “How does it make you feel when you hear her opponent say things like ‘Crooked Hillary’ and the things he says about your mom? What does that do to you?”

“It’s important to take serious criticism from serious people seriously, and important to take unserious criticism from unserious people unseriously. For me, her opponent falls quite firmly in the second camp,” Chelsea replied. “I remember even as a little kid in Arkansas, she’d be criticized for being too serious or not feminine enough, or how dare she be tackling education reform instead of just being a traditional first lady of Arkansas. The person that I know is funny and carefree and hilarious.”

Unfortunately for Chelsea, it looks like the Clinton Foundation will be shut down at any moment now, so she will be losing her fake job.

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Source: Truthmonitor

  • This apple fell from the same tree, if you can sit and no things about your father and mother and then just shoot off your mouth as this little ugly DUCKLIN has you have no dam BRAINS….when you read that TRUMPS daughter and her are friends I got a problem with that…..this is the part that bothers me, everyone wants to protect HILLARY, BILL, and this DAUGHTER of there’s…her MOTHER LOST….and she still running her mouth….HILLARY is, DEMS, are, hasn’t the STUPIDS in this country(THATS WHAT TRUMPS VOTERS ARE CALLED), haven’t we voted,Trump won…can’t this shit stop and these people that still bring this outjust grow op….this is the worst thing to watch, just how stupid that these people look, these are people to look up to?

    • Paul says:

      You must be part of the uneducated segment of the Republican Party. First off *know *duckling *damn *theirs *up… multiple punctuation mistakes as well…So to answer your question of how stupid that these people look… Assuming you meant how stupid do these people look…Well not nearly as stupid as you look. Chelsea was actually 100 percent right…She just said Trump wasn’t being serious and was basically playing off his supporters anger…He wasn’t actually going to lock her up or do what he claims…Look he has backtracked on everything now that he played you uneducated Republicans. So yes you look incredible stupid

  • Vicki Peck says:

    I am so tired of the Clintons and the Progressive party. They are not even Democrats they are progressives.They would have to travel back toward center to be democrats again. The party is on the verge of ending. That is why they are fighting so hard to hold on to this election.

  • Tinsley sammons says:

    She’s a worthless pie-faced twat.

  • Gregory says:

    She belongs in the same cell as her mother that would be justice for all of the country

  • Ronald Pence says:

    No, she deserves to be in jail, prosecuted for income tax evasion and racqueteering. Sorry, even spell check could not spell it correctly either.

  • Michael Dickey says:

    Chelsea Clinton is a Con Artist just like her parents, Bill & Hillary. What is wrong with our political system?

  • CF