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Chelsea Clinton Telling “White Parents” How To Raise Their Kids.



Chelsea Clinton loves to get on the platform and lecture the American people, which is what she did this Friday. She posted on Twitter telling “white parents” how to raise their kids.

“Painful & powerful. Thank you Crystal for sharing. White parents need to talk about racism & hate with our children throughout their lives,” she tweeted with a link to a video on black parents talking to their children.

Clinton often shares her “wisdom” on social media, and not only with her followers but also with the world leaders.

This year, she chastises the president of the Philippines, scolds Megyn Kelly for interviewing Alex Jones, criticized Steven Bannon, and of course attacked President Donald Trump.

But her last attempt to educate the parents how to raise their kids received a lot of negative attention.

But to be fair her parents are famous for begging for an attention, so she is simply following their steps.

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