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A Chicago nonprofit filed a lawsuit in federal court Monday to block construction of the Obama Presidential Center, claiming the organizers diverted the center’s purpose away from operating as a presidential library.

Protect Our Parks filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court Monday, seeking to prohibit Chicago city agencies from approving construction on the project in Jackson Park and bar the city from awarding control of the Obama center’s proposed location to the Obama Foundation, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The lawsuit states that the Obama Foundation strayed from its original plan to house a federally controlled Obama Presidential Library and is using public parkland for private use.

The Obama Foundation announced several months ago that the proposed site on designated historic parkland would not be administered by the National Archives and Records Administration and would not function as a presidential library to house records, manuscripts, and papers from the Obama White House.

The suit claims that it is against the law and park district code for a “non-governmental private entity” to use public parkland for a private facility and accuses the city of transferring public land to a private entity for “virtually no compensatory return.”

The lawsuit comes before the Chicago Plan Commission’s meeting on Thursday to consider zoning applications and other materials submitted by the Obama Foundation for the project’s approval, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Former President Barack Obama’s presidential center has had its fair share of opposition from critics who say the proposed center—which would include a 450-space parking lot, a recording studio, basketball courts, and a children’s play garden—would not provide benefits to the local community.

In January, more than 100 University of Chicago professors and neighborhood activists signed a letter stating the center would take away land available to develop new restaurants or businesses because the remaining land around the proposed center is taken up by the University of Chicago and an existing museum.

The proposed center would also cost taxpayers a pretty penny. City officials announced in February the center would cost taxpayers $175 million.

  • Shirley says:

    Why should the tax payers have to pay for any presidential library. If they want one let them dig in their own pockets to pay for it. Who would want to see anything Obama did. We already know what he is, a fake, lying, illegal ex president that has divided our country and still is working on trying to make our country muslim like him. He should be in prison for life without parsole.

  • Wes says:

    What could they possible put in Barack Obama’s Presidential Library since all his major achievements have been deleted by our current President. Perhaps it could have some value to put the history of his failures there for others to learn from his mistakes.

    Sadly, he’s not done trying to do damage to our country. He wants to continue his efforts to destroy our political system and our democratic form of government. If he had his way the UN would rule America and there would be no borders. Taxpayer money would go to build the Muslim church and Christianity would be banned. Thank goodness Donald Trump is cleaning up his mess!

  • Randie says:

    Keep filing the Lawsuits. We don’t want anyone to build anything here in Chicago. He didn’t do one thing to help us in Chicago. Enough of our taxpayer money. Its not going to be a Library anyhow. Just a place for him to keep working with the Deep State to Destroy America

  • D.J. says:

    Don’t stop the Lawsuit, we don’t need anybody to teach or learn about Socialism/Communism which is tyranny ! I am proud of you Nonprofit Org. I f mr Obama don’t like it I would suggest for him to go to North Korea for measly 6 months to live because it is the same what he is promoting Socialism/Communism. Enough is Enough !!!!!

  • Edward Fast says:

    He isn’t worh building an Obama Outhouse much less a multimillion dollar library for.

  • CF