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Rebel Pundit and released a powerful video on what Chicago city grassroots activists REALLY think of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The video was filmed entirely in the city where black activists are working to make a permanent change in their community and lift their people from the poverty and chaos of the Democrat machine.

In the video numerous grassroots activists question the authenticity of the Black Lives Matter. Why does a movement that collected hundreds of millions in donations not use the money to invest in actual black communities.

Where is all of this money going? It’s not in their neighborhood.

Why is Black Lives matter run by Marxists and lesbians?

What good is the BLM movement doing for suffering blacks in the Chicago streets?

And why do this organization have links to George Soros?

They don’t see their lives improving.

The activists want an end to the pipeline to prison and poverty.

Black Lives Matter is not the answer.

Here’s the video:

Here is more on the project:

The Protesters Are Lying To You

  • Megan says:

    They are funded by George Soros and friends. They want a New World Order. Their globalists and are burning down our cities to usher in communism. BLM is racist and hates Black people. I believe that the most privileged in our society are using the most desperate to seize power from all of us, just an opinion. They are Trained Marxist’s.
    George Soros gave $2 million to Kim Fox in Chicago, So she’s just His puppet.

  • CF