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When same sex couple started having kids by adopting them or by using sperm donations, many had questions on how will affects the kids when they matured. One woman raised by a lesbian couple has shared her experience and it’s quite shocking.

Millie Fontana, a 24-year-old woman from Australia, explained her experience at the Australian Christian Lobby in 2015. Her speech showed a different side of being a “donor-conceived child,” and it is really sad.

“I knew that I loved both of my parents but I could not place my finger on what it is I was missing inside myself,” Fontana stated, acknowledging she was missing a father.

“When I hit school, I started to realize through observing other children and their loving bonds with their fathers that I really was missing out on something special.”

Eventually, Fontana started asking questions about her father and as she said her mothers lied to her.

“I was lied to throughout school, I was told that I didn’t have a father or that perhaps they didn’t know who he was,” she stated.

She said it was unfair for her mothers to push their views on her, to force her to accept something that is not true because of their choices.

“When they chose what parts of my identity were acceptable to reveal to me, they took something from me and where other children were able to look in the mirror and reconcile those missing parts and say, ‘I love my mothers or my fathers,’ I could not because in my eyes, who were my parents to decide what parts of me were acceptable to reveal to me?”

Fontana said that she isn’t the only one with this kind of story, but sadly this is not often heard, “because nobody wants to hear about the other side of the rainbow. The side that is not catered for, that don’t grow up happy and grow up with a dissenting idea of what a family structure should be.”

She finally met her father when she was 11 years old and instantly felt fulfilled for the first time. She said that human nature can’t be denied.

“We (children of same-sex ­couples) want our mothers and ­fathers,” she said. “I don’t understand why ­society is so fiercely rejecting such a natural concept that is acceptable in every other family structure.”

Sadly, the reality isn’t that pretty, so someone should take some actions to educate the homosexual community what they are doing wrong.

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  • David Littlefield says:

    Weird. I didn’t know that LGBT folks could be as dishonest as heteros.
    If I hadn’t heard stories about foster parents that just do it for the money and have zero love for the children in their care, then I might give more credibility to this persons experience.
    This is ONE person’s experience. ONE. UNO. Someone who was raised by folks that were dishonest with her. You can’t judge the whole LGBT community on two people. That’s like judging all of Christianity based on the actions of Westboro Baptist. Or all of Islam based on the assholes that orchestrated flying the planes into the towers on 9/11. Or all Germans based on the actions of Hitler. You can’t make an honest and fair judgement on a whole community based on two people. You can only judge those two people.

  • CF