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A Chinese virology expert says China’s government was well aware of the deadly nature of the coronavirus long before it admitted that it knew of human-to-human transmission, and that her efforts to blow the whistle were muzzled

Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a specialist in virology and immunology at the Hong Kong School of Public Health, is now in hiding somewhere in the United States and in fear for her life, but told her story to Fox News.

“I deliver the message of the truth of COVID-19,” she said in an interview published Friday.

She said she had to leave everyone she loved behind because “if I tell it in Hong Kong, the moment I start to tell it I will be disappeared and killed. No one can hear me,” she said.

“So for this purpose, I like to go to U.S. and tell the truth of the origins of COVID-19 to the world,” she said.

Yan said her comments have nothing to do with sparring between the governments of the U.S. and China.

“This is … about whether all the human in the world can survive,” she said.

She said that as news of the virus began to emerge, she was asked to quietly look into the matter

“The China government refused to let overseas experts, including Hong Kong ones, do research in China,” she said. “So I turned to my friends to get more information.”

On Dec. 31, she said, a contact in China told her that there were “family cluster cases, so there should be human-to-human transmission.”

For days after that, China and the World Health Organization downplayed the potential of human-to-human spread of the virus.

Yan said that in a conversation among doctors trying to get information about what was taking place in Wuhan, one doctor was warned “don’t ask.”

The doctors said “We can’t talk about it, but we need to wear masks,’” Yan said.

The more she probed, the more fear she uncovered.

“There are many, many patients [in Wuhan] who don’t get treatment on time and diagnosis on time,” Yan said. “Hospital doctors are scared, but they cannot talk.”

On Jan. 16, after she told her supervisor what she had learned he told her “to keep silent, and be careful. As he warned me before, ‘Don’t touch the red line. … We will get in trouble and we’ll be disappeared.’

“I thought his information could be delivered to the public and it is very urgent information,” she said.

Later, she added:

“This is a public health threat. They should do the quick response to it.

“They should have done many things. There are so many choices they can do to control this outbreak,” she said.

She blamed the failure to spread the alarm and her findings on “the corruption among this kind of international organization like the W-H-O to China government, and to China Communist Party government.”

After trying and failing to get the information public, she said she had to leave, because “I know what will happen to me. I know how they treat whistleblowers.”

When her husband refused to leave with her, she decided to go alone, she told Fox. She flew to the United States on April 28.

Since Yan left, her family has been harassed, according to Fox, and the University of Hong Kong took down her web page and sent Fox News a statement saying she is no longer part of the institution.

“Dr Li-Meng Yan is no longer a staff member of the University,” the statement said, according to Fox. “Out of respect for our current and former employees, we don’t disclose personal information about her. Your understanding is appreciated.”

  • Nick Byrne says:

    Everything about this “pandemic” seems to be fishy as hell. The progressives are using it to attempt to destroy the American economy and the Democraps are using it to try to get rid of Trump, et., etc. I have personally found it to be a damn lie. This COVID19 is nothing more than a bad cold. These burqas they are forcing us to wear, this social distancing and the rest of the BS is designed to seperate us (divide us) and create problems for our government in order to destroy our way of life. Don’t buy into this BS. Stand strong & vote for Trump.

  • rcb says:

    Don’t room with Maxwell…it will a two fer one “arkanside”….

  • CF