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Fox News’ Chris Wallace delivered a heartfelt on-air message to his friend and colleague Charles Krauthammer Friday after the popular commentator announced he has an aggressive form of cancer with only weeks left to live.

“It is such quintessential Charles Krauthammer. It is so graceful, it is so honest, it is so brave,” Wallace said about Krauthammer’s letter on Fox News’ “Outnumbered.”

“He led his life fully, vibrantly. He led a life of passion and of great consequence … We were honored and graced to have him at Fox News,” he continued.

“I want you to know that I love you,” Wallace said. “You are a great man.”

Krauthammer has been out of Fox News since August of 2017 after he underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in his abdomen. He was a Fox News contributor for several years.

  • Colleen Marie says:

    What a loving and heartfelt tribute to Mr. Charles Krauthammer. I have so very much admired Charles and his huge presence on Fox News. No matter that he always sat…..what he said made sense, good educated sense. I cannot think of anything better than to leave this world knowing how much people loved, and respected what you brought to their lives……just by being your own true self… fakery. God Bless and keep Charles Krauthammer in his journey to the hereafter where travel in a chair will not be required. God speed Charles!

    • Colleen Marie, thank you for your poignant and beautifully written comment, and for so eloquently expressing what so many of us feel. God bless.

    • paulette siegel says:

      I am praying for the Lord Jesus to heal him supernaturally…all over, and he will be a testament to
      the power of the Lord…as he walks out of his wheelchair….Praying for you sir charles…

    • Tracy Stokely says:

      Colleen Marie, I say this, not out of anger, but to inform. Mr. Charles Krauthammer sat because he is paralyzed from the neck down. He broke his neck in a swimming/diving accident when he was a young man.

  • Kenneth Barr says:

    What a man!!, we will miss you Mr. K, God Bless you!!

  • oconnor says:

    Been missing you for months Charles, and I liked to say, for me and many others, you’ll be remembered as one hell of a honest man !

  • sluggo says:

    This post will make some people mad…I often do…so what. lol

    I think people, like Chris Wallace, that make these kinds of statements on public television are, really, trying to get “touchy-feely, look how nice I am, brownie points”.

    Personally, I have little respect for Chris Wallace…or his deliberately dishonest father, Mike Wallace…he is a “quiet” liberal democrat, and often keeps quiet even when he sees wrong statements about conservatives being made, and especially how he sat quietly by while Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier ambushed candidate Donald Trump at the 2016 Fox News debates, trying to ruin Trump’s chances of winning the nomination.

    All three had their liberal bias…wherever it came from…on display…and I let them all know that they had just helped…GREATLY!…Donald Trump get elected.

    I used to love Charles Krauthammer, and still like him a great deal…however, when he admitted that he had had dinner with obama before he was elected, and STILL “did not see what type of politician he was”…I had to reassess my opinion of him, and his political wisdom and insight into politicians. Then, when he grew increasingly hostile to candidate, and then President Donald Trump, I had to totally reevaluate my opinion of Mr. Krauthammer, and just WHY he disliked President Trump so much.

    I think he is highly intelligent, but, just like Carl Rove, when it comes to President Trump, neither man gives him an impartial evaluation of his agenda and the successes he has won.

    I do like, and respect, Charles Krauthammer, I wish I could, somehow, wave a magic wand and cure him, but I can’t, so I will say, God bless you sir, and God’s speed.

  • Becky says:

    I loved watching Charlie. He was an honest and proud man. God speed Mr. Krauthammer.

  • CF