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Clinton Foundation Taxes Reveal Just How Little They Give To Charity, But It Gets WORSE:



Hillary did her best to rake Trump over the coals over his charities, but she is the one Americans should have been asking questions about all along.

Not only is the amount of money actually sent out minuscule, the Clinton Foundation has been lying about the care it supposedly provides to the poor in the form of prescription medicine.

While Hillary and company claim to provide much needed drugs to third-world countries, that duty is actually handled by a separate charity, the Clinton Health Access Initiative.

But, as always, Hillary likes to twist the facts just to draw attention away from the real issues. In this case, she’s hoping you won’t notice the corrupt foundation her daughter runs.

In its IRS filings, the Clinton Foundation paid out over $91 million, but only roughly $5 million of that actually went to charitable grants! At that point, you really shouldn’t be able to call yourself a charity anymore!

Where did this money go you ask?

Well, almost $35 million went out to salaries, with Chelsea reportedly earning close to $1 million. Compare that to the salary of the CEO of the Salvation Army, who makes less than $200,000!

The rest of the money was tagged for various expenses. And yes, the math means about $50 million went out the door as “other” costs.

Hmmm, I wonder what other could be? Perhaps Chelsea’s wedding… maybe her husband’s business… or perhaps some new houses or family vacations. I don’t think we can put anything past the Clintons when it comes to stealing money!

Of course, we should not forget the whole pay-to-play scandal that is associated with the foundation. Roughly half of the meetings held while Hillary was Secretary of State were with alleged donors to the foundation. Not exactly discreet.

Hopefully the IRS investigation into the foundation works out a little better for We the People than the FBI investigation did.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

  • Joellen says:

    No you don’t nobody wants to hear the voice of the middle class that end up paying more then lower who pay none upper who most get tax breaks and pay very little.But the middle class that carries the burden of the most.And who have to have everyone in some way help with their own by everyone in the house helping to pay own bills cause they are struggling under the burdens of a government/administration that keep bringing in more people to put on free.And of giving them everything free.They let them have many wives and multiple kids they breed like rabbits that we pay for.And when you finally have worked your life away to do all this you find out you can’t even retire on your SS and MEDICARE cause they robbed you of that.Its a sad country that keeps spending and then take it from the elderly to support people that don’t and never will work to help themselves.I know most elderly because of bringing illegals that pawn their wedding rings to get their spouses the meds they need or gas to get them to Dr’s even though they both worked till they couldn’t and even their kids worked to get by.But hey what does any of the rich and free care about any of this?They will cause the next generation will not be able to do it.They will only cry need play doh and safe places and where will the money of the next middle class come from it won’t no one will be there and that will be the end cause the elite will jump ship and these very people protesting Trump and he wants to bring jobs back have just ended free

  • Carol Willey says:

    Why do we keep talking about it and do what needs to be done. They have broken the law,they should be held accountable. If it was anyone else they would be in jail!!!!! Lock them up!

  • CF