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A CNN correspondent in New Hampshire declared Tuesday that he couldn’t find a single supporter of former Vice President Joe Biden, despite speaking to over 100 voters.

CNN correspondent Miguel Marquez reported live Tuesday after speaking to numerous voters ahead of the New Hampshire Democratic primary. Marquez conducted his own “sort of unofficial exit poll” as voters left ward one in Dover, NH, and noted that he was unable to find even one person who supported Biden.

“Most surprising here is that of all the voters I’ve talked to — and we’re talking probably upwards of 100 right now – not a single one saying they support Joe Biden,” Marquez said.


The CNN correspondent noted that most voters appeared to be supporting Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and that former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg was rounding out second place.

“Amy Klobuchar, interestingly enough, a lot of people say they’ve come around to her since her performance in the debate last week,” Marquez said. “And then Elizabeth Warren rounding all that out.”

The “unofficial exit poll” was conducted in a fairly liberal area of New Hampshire, according to the CNN correspondent. He added that the area seemed to be averaging around 150 voters per hour, a lower turnout than when former President Barack Obama ran for president in 2008.

  • mike dar says:

    One by one, the media will target.. most every candidate.. and I believe that media/Streaming giants… understand “Presentation” better than all but Trump… this is going to lead to a brokered Dem Convention. Where Presentation will have to involve a mixture rather than an individual… giving America a Dem candidate that is essentially a ‘Mr. Potato Head’! Assembled from parts, to present a whole. Done quickly and before people understand the potato, complete, is rotten.

  • Matt says:

    This is because the public know all they need to know about Joe Biden. And they don’t like him.

  • Demsarenuts says:

    isnt it funny how just a few short months ago the left was fawning all over Creepy, Slow-Joe like he was the second coming of Obama? Asking, begging and pleading for him to run, all excited when he slipped up and said he was going to run before he actually admitting he was going to run… ? lol now they smell blood in the water and are attacking him like sharks! lol some party huh? they go from Pure love to absolute hate over night, I hope their supporters are watching and taking note because it will be them who the Party turns on next…

  • Mike says:

    keep an eye on Amy

  • Stephen Russell says:

    They went south or on drugs

  • CF