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Sara Sider, a CNN reporter, was reporting from Daytona Beach early Monday morning as Hurricane Irma made its landfall.

As she was doing a live coverage the winds were up to 70 mph, forcing her to battle with the winds in order to stand still.

She drew a lot of attention from the viewers who were worried about her safety, as you can hear on the video her voice was overpowered by the strong winds and it’s nearly impossible to hear her talk.:45

“This is incredibly strong,” Sidner said. “These are the strongest winds that we have seen,” she added, “since we have been here on the beach throughout this entire event.”

“The winds are slamming the beach area, really, really hard,” Sidner battled with the winds. “I’m having a hard time just talking to you. The wind is pushing on the (inaudible) so hard…”

Those who saw the footage reacted strongly:

Sara Sidner managed to get out of there save, and thanks to her the world now has a truly remarkable and harrowing Hurricane Irma footage.

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