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There’s no surveillance video of the incident during which Jeffrey Epstein apparently hanged himself in a federal lockup in Lower Manhattan, law-enforcement officials told The Post on Sunday.

Although there are cameras in the 9 South wing where the convicted pedophile was being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, they are trained on the areas outside the cells and not inside, according to sources familiar with the setup there.

Pols who attended Sunday’s annual Dominican Day Parade in Manhattan demanded answers to the many questions surrounding Epstein’s Saturday morning death, which is being investigated by the FBI and the Justice Department.

“Something doesn’t smell right – and it’s not his dead body,” Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said.

Adams noted the July 23 incident in which the multimillionaire financier was found nearly unconscious in his cell with marks on his neck, as well as the blockbuster court papers that were released on Friday and contained the names of other men – including former Maine Sen. George Mitchell and ex-New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson – who allegedly slept with an Epstein teenage “sex slave.”

“Something is really troubling about that and I think it needs to be investigated extremely and very thoroughly to make sure there wasn’t any foul play,” Adams said.

New York Attorney General Letitia James, who said she’s toured the MCC, said she found it “very difficult to understand how something like this could have happened.”

“My understanding is that he should have been on suicide watch and the people on suicide watch are placed in a type of jumpsuit that wouldn’t allow them to hurt themselves or others,” she said.

Federal prison officials violated normal procedures by leaving Epstein, 66, alone without a cellmate and not checking on him every 30 minutes the night before he was found, according to a report Sunday.

In addition, both of the guards overseeing the unit were working overtime, with one on his fifth straight day of extra hours and the other forced to remain on duty, The New York Times said.

Bob Hood, a former chief of internal affairs for the Bureau of Prisons, told the Times that it was “beyond me” why Epstein was taken off a 24-hour suicide watch following the July 23 incident, especially given the steady stream of humiliating news reports about him.

“A man is dead. The Bureau of Prisons dropped the ball. Period,” Hood said.

  • Paul says:

    The cameras were out of action at the time. Anyway, he isn’t dead, he was switched so as to save his life in exchange for information to help the investigation into child sex slaves. Smoke and mirrors.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Inside job: sabotage cameras, killer strikes & no CCTV outside cell door area even, what gives.
    Or Video of entry into cells area where housed, Bad optics NYPD, Bad
    Knew it was the guards & now some IT type to sabotage cameras

    • true patriot says:

      NYPD? The Metropolitan Correctional Center is run by Trump’s Department of Justice. Bill Barr is the head honcho there.

      • Oh no says:

        Actually Barr heads the Department of Justice which oversees several agencies such as the FBI, ATF, etc…. Agencies that have more than proven to be corrupt from within. Trump appointed Barr to clean them up. The head honcho at the Metropolitan Correction Center in NY is Shirley Skipper Scott the Warden. Ms. Scott was appointed to her position as Warden after a law suit for racism was filed against Eric Holder and the Dept of Justice at the time by the former Warden Roderick Jenson . Eric Holder the Attorney General at the time placed Shirley Skipper Scott into this position. Epstein died on her watch. She currently is one of the highest paid Wardens in the Federal prison system. Take your Trump/ Barr crap and shove it!!!!

  • Freedom fighter says:

    Surely the authorities must realize you can’t trust these leaders in liberal communities, the department of justice should’ve sent people in specifically to watch Epstein and keep him safe.

  • Carl says:

    The man was murdered so he couldn’t rat on all the politicians that visited his island for sex.

  • Gregg says:

    The deep state is alive and well and colludes with the msm and the DNC.
    This was a hit! Absolutely NO doubt about it.
    The msm is blaming it on overworked guards! Nothing to see here!
    Heads need to roll!

  • Annabel says:

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about. The authorities have all the evidence they need even with him dead. We know who were involved, they have already been named. It’s going to be hard for those involved to deny their involvement, their marriages and relationships are shot. Bill Clinton admitted to four trips on Epstein’s planes …for the Clinton Foundation which we know is a complete fraud…but neatly omitted the other 30 plus trips he made with and w/o his security detail (btw those security detail people must be dithering in their boots). Also Ghislaine Maxwell should be for the high jump…her father was a nasty bit of goods I remember well from the U.K. the chip doesn’t fall far from the block. She is as guilty as E. Time to pay the piper folks! Sit back and enjoy.

  • Patrick says:

    The Clintons are offering their condolences to the families of the young girls that will be committing suicide this Friday at 2:45 in the afternoon. The price you pay for giving slick Willie his happy ending massages.

  • CF