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Lots of talk about red pills and blue pills lately.

If you recall from the The Matrix film, taking the red pill would “free your mind” as it were, to what reality really was. Taking the blue pill allowed you to carry on as normal and believe the simulation of the Matrix.

Elon Musk seems to have taken the “red pill” lately:

But what about the people who take the blue pill? JP Spears just released a video to show them an appropriate amount of love.


Take the red pill and feel free to leave your house and make a living, while still looking after your loved ones who are among our most vulnerable (just don’t leave them in a New York nursing home).

Take a blue pill and sit locked in your house until you’re raptured by the Flying Spaghetti Scientist in the Sky. The choice is yours.

  • Matt says:

    Very funny, but also truthful.

  • Harold Moyer says:

    People are so stupid and sheeple all the way to becoming null and void!!!!!

  • LST says:

    Accurate and funny as hell.

  • Trump 2020 says:

    This is so accurate.
    Such Hypocrisy!

  • Michael T says:

    What matrix?

  • Maryann Allen says:

    Couldn’t view his comments, but if people are stupid enough to vote blue after seeing the last three years of what democrats have done and the lengths they go to get what they want, they are like sheep being led to the slaughter! They don’t care what you want! They don’t care about your rights and freedoms! It’s all about power, money, and their agendas

  • mike dar says:

    Yep.. and if Nancy can extend Covid unemployment lots of VOTERS… that aren’t very scared, not scared at all, we declare famously they are terrified to ‘go out’. With ‘Mail-in’ it will swing every election in lots of States… all bought with money we don’t have, for Tyranny to be accepted.

  • CF