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Cops Refuse To Protect His Molested Daughter, So Dad Sends 1 BRUTAL Message



What happens when a crime is committed that is not punishable by law?

In other words, when someone’s person or property is deliberately damaged by someone else, but there is no law against the offense, what then?

After all these centuries and an incalculable number of laws, every conceivable offense must be covered, right? Well, perhaps not.

There are all sorts of acts that are wrong, morally and otherwise, for which the law simply does not provide a remedy.

Once case would be where an adult engages in “consensual” sex with a sixteen year-old. In Arkansas, as in many states, that’s not illegal.

So the dad who discovered his daughter in such a relationship was told by the police there was nothing they could do. …but there was something HE could do.

“Shelton Kitchens lives in Heth, Arkansas, with his 16-year-old daughter, where he recently learned that his little girl was in a ‘relationship’ with a 21-year-old man.”

I find my daughter like she’s almost eaten alive,’ Shelton recalled, according to WREG CBS Memphis. ‘It’s sickening when you raise her shirt and look at it. Hickeys all over.’

Making matters worse, the perpetrator reportedly used puppies to lure the girl into his home before the two agreed to continue meeting.

According to Shelton, officers quickly informed him that because his daughter was 16-years-old and that everything was consensual, there was nothing that they could do about it.”

Fortunately, the dad didn’t do anything violent that would land him in prison.

Instead, he chose to punish the man by putting up a sign that has no doubt made life miserable for the perpetrator who is a resident of that small town.

“As it turns out, the man lives just down the street from Shelton’s tire shop, giving him the perfect opportunity to place a sign in public for all to see.

Even better yet, it reads, ‘Danger! Child molester lives in first house on the right,’ and lists the man’s last name at the bottom.

The internet being what it is, even in Heth, Arkansas, the sign and the story went viral.

“As one would imagine, the sign has received quite a bit of attention in his community since he put it up and has recently been shared on social media for the world to see.”

In this twisted society in which we live, we must admit that we are a bit surprised that the perpetrator hasn’t filed a defamation suit against the girl’s dad over that sign.

Perhaps he’s just too ashamed of the publicity it would create?

  • Rita Pulterzertzer says:

    Yeah and hopefully he doesn’t read a story like this and get any bright ideas.

  • Jim says:

    This man showed more control then I would have. Its time we killed all child molesters. These people can not be rehabilitated. That means the children of this country are not safe.

  • Rick says:

    We must be careful. There are two side to every story. If he is a child molester, convict him and hang him publicly. If she consented, lied about her age, got caught because the hickeys gave her away, and she had returned a few times, then SHE needs the same sentencing. If the guy was unaware of her age, and look around at young women today as they look much older than the really are, then his life whether guilty or innocent, has been ruined by this situation. I would like to see in depth news research on this as a follow up. But that won’t happen as “21 year old molests a 16 year old girl” is the only headlines they want to report.

  • CF