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A crazy liberal called the congressional office of Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL) a few weeks ago and threatened to kill the GOP representative, court documents reveal.

The caller left a voicemail for the congressman identifying himself only as a “sharpshooter” who would “like to shoot your f****** head off you stupid mother******.”

The nameless caller accused Rep. Davis of “backing the Russians.” Surely, Hillary Clinton was the prime suspect until Capitol Police were able to trace the call back to 64-year-old Randall Tarr of Illinois.

Tarr told FBI agents that he called the Republican congressman after watching a TV commercial about Rep. Davis that made him very, very angry. Tarr denied being under the influence of drugs and alcohol when he made the call, but it is likely the man was under the influence of either CNN or MSNBC.

Democrats and the media have made their crazy base even crazier by constantly feeding them conspiracy theories about Trump and Russia collusion. So strong was the man’s Russia Collusion Delusion that he threatened to kill a United States congressman after seeing a commercial where Rep. Davis brought up the fact that Ukraine interfered in our elections, which, to be fair, would have taken any mainstream media viewer by complete surprise.

Luckily, the GOP baseball team wasn’t holding any practices in Illinois that day so this crazy leftist could only leave a harmless voicemail.

Tarr is scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 17 where he faces two charges that carry a combined maximum prison sentence of up to 15 years.

But this might be one of those rare instances where rehabilitation actually works on a criminal. How about turning Rachel Maddow off for a while?

  • taterr says:

    Folks this man is doin no more than the Democrat Senators or Congressmen an woman. They the Hollywhack IDIOTS an yes prolly some RHINOS have threatened all levels of Conservative Gov. An what has happened?? Not a damn thing. Weve seen pics of our President being humiliated an nothing has happened so how can they do anything to this PEKERHEAD. And yes they shown this about past Presidents also.But Nothing to compare to this one. And HELL from all point WE THE PEOPLES President Trump has made more RECORDS to the Positive than any President in history. And Im a big fan of Reagan an Kennedy plus a few more. So saying youd like to POP a Congressman for a 15 year glitch is kinda STEWPID yes but how can they support punishment?

    enough said

    TRUMP 2020

  • CF