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“How Dare You?!” Meghan McCain Crushes Juan Williams Over Disgusting AHCA Claim



Fox’s Juan Williams and guest Meghan McCain got into an intense fight on air over the American Health Care Act. Meghan McCain came out on top. Williams started by insulting the other guests “I hope it covers mental illness because we’re seeing a lot of it at the table tonight,” said Williams.

He went on to claim that the only reason the bill was passed was because President Trump was “desperate for something that he can call a victory.” Williams went on to talk about Obamacare Premiums in Arizona, this is what set McCain off.

“Honestly, how dare you! My own state has been hit the hardest by far. I want you to go to Arizona and say this. I want Juan to go to Arizona and talk to people I know who are paying more than their mortgage for Obamacare premiums. It’s a disaster!” said McCain.

She went on to point out that if this bill wasn’t a huge victory than Williams wouldn’t be freaking out so much. “Why are you freaking out so much if nothing happened? If this isn’t a big deal, why are you freaking out?” asked McCain.

“This is a lie!” Williams yelled back.“You’re freaking out! And Democrats are freaking out because we know it’s a victory!” said McCain. At this point the other hosts stepped in. “Everybody, deep breath! Everyone think of a green pasture and frolicking little goats,” said Gutfeld. “Let me tell you something: Don’t mess with McCain,” said Guilfoyle. Check out the video below.

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