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Officers Edelmiro Garza, Jr., 45, and Ismael Chavez, 39, of the McAllen Police Department in Texas were shot and killed on Saturday. The officers were reportedly ambushed while responding to a domestic disturbance call at a residence.

Chavez was a former chemistry teacher and football coach, and the father to Savannah Chavez. The daughter of the slain officer posted several memories and heartfelt tributes to her loving father on Twitter.

One post honoring her late father received much attention.

words cannot describe the pain I’m in, but I’m glad my dad is at peace. you were an amazing man and anyone who ever came across you knew that. I’m going to miss you so much. you died doing what you loved most, you died a hero. i love you daddy, see you soon. #BlueLivesMatter
Chavez has since deleted the tweet because it received insensitive messages from Twitter users because she used the hashtag #BlueLivesMatter.

One Twitter user responded to the tweet by saying: “I am so sorry for your loss but you didn’t have to use a racist hashtag,” according to

“Blue lives matter was literally created in response to and to undermine black lives matter,” another person wrote. “There’s no other connotation unfortunately.”

“Well atleast your pops is a good cop now, 6 feet in the dirt where he cant hurt nobody,” a user tweeted.

“Rip to your daddy!!! But one cop down many more to go,” another person responded.

Dozens of Twitter users responded to the tribute with “ACAB,” which means “All Cops Are Bastards.”

“These are difficult moments,” McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez said at a press conference. “The officers came here to maintain peace. Instead, they were taken down by gunfire.”

The suspect, identified as Aldon Caramillo, 23, shot and killed himself shortly after firing on the police officers.

“Two of our finest were killed in the line of duty while working to protect residents in their community,” wrote Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. “I’ve spoken with McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez and offered the full support of the State of Texas. We unite to #BackTheBlue. #RGV.”

Fellow police officers paid their final respects to Chavez and Garza in a 50-vehicle procession that accompanied the bodies of the fallen officers in McAllen.

  • Patriot1951 says:

    Savannah, your Dad was an amazing human being. The hole in your life will never be filled, but be assured every true American hurts for and with you. The animosity directed at you for using the #BlueLivesMatter hashtag only speaks to the heartless nature of those users. God bless and comfort you in the coming days. You will be in our prayers. And BACK THE BLUE!

  • DJ says:


  • ERIC says:

    Typical cowardly, scumbag asshole demonrats! No sympathy at all from them! I fucking hate Liberals w/every fiber of my being! For shit like this! & of course FascistBook & Titter won’t ban fuckers like them for doing such things, but will ban you for daring to defend yourselves against them! Makes my blood boil! & seme for the BLM scum making death threats & saying such horrific things towards the family of the young mother slain by those thugs in IN! Kill every last one of these fucking thugs! Their lives don’t matter! Fuck them all!

  • Matt says:

    Those social media vermin must be taken down. Jimmy! Jimmy Dorsey! Get on it, dude! If you have the guts.

  • CF