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Dem Rep Lewis: 2016 Election Was ‘Rigged’ in Trump’s Favor



Rep. John Lewis (R-Ga.) accused President Trump of being “uncaring” and unappreciative of the civil rights movement on Friday, saying the president “knows very, very little” about the struggle for equal rights.

“I think the person we have in Washington today is uncaring,” he said in an episode of CNN’s “The Axe Files” set to air Friday night. “[Trump] knows very, very little about the struggle and the history of the civil rights movement.”

In an interview with Democratic strategist and CNN analyst David Axelrod, Lewis, a civil rights icon who marched alongside the likes of Martin Luther King Jr., said that while the U.S. has made progress toward equal rights, that progress could be at risk.

“We have come a distance. We made progress,” he said. “But there are forces in America trying to slow us down or take us back.”

Lewis has spoken critically of Trump in the past, saying days before his inauguration that he did not consider Trump to be a “legitimate president,” because of the intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia sought to influence the 2016 presidential election in Trump’s favor.

He repeated that assertion in his interview with Axelrod, saying that he still believes “that this election was rigged” to help Trump.

Lewis also slammed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whom Lewis said has a history of standing against equal rights.

“I know his record, I know his history, he has a very long history of being on the other side and not on the right side,” Lewis said.

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  • I wish they wouldn’t put such big pictures of him on the article because his big unfriendly face is scary looking! And, I wish they let this thing loose and just admit defeat until the next election; I’m betting on my man President Trump!

  • Juanito Verde says:

    The imposter never was president.
    He was a mere resident.

  • Merlin S. Bradley says:

    What has this Russian thing got to do with running our country. It is time to abandom this line of thinking and get on with getting our country going again. This is not accomplishing any thing that is doing any good. It has been six months since the election, and nothing has been done that is helping the country, and has not solved the problem, except waste time and money. The politicitions are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats, it is time they grow up

  • James Curry says:

    Johnny “Boy” Lewis wasn’t good when the times were good! Just because he marched with Rev. King and had his head “thumped” we are all supposed to bow down and think he is the greatest thing since “sliced bread”. Tell me one thing that he or his other “CBC” members have done to help the black people in this country. They do nothing but pay lip service to them so as to keep the money coming in for their next election. If the “CBC” really cared about their fellow black people, they would help establish real “work programs” that have meaning instead of keeping their people “demanding” all the “free stuff” they can mooch.

  • Gay Phillips says:

    You are confused. That ‘s one of the liberals biggest problems. They assume everyone else behaves the way they do. The election was certainly rigged. That’s why the Dems went into shock. Trump probably won in a landslide..

  • CF