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The Democrat Party began attacking Mount Rushmore on Monday night from their official Twitter account and referred to upcoming Independence Day celebrations at the famed monument as “glorifying white supremacy.”

“Trump has disrespected Native communities time and again,” the Democrats wrote. “He’s attempted to limit their voting rights and blocked critical pandemic relief. Now he’s holding a rally glorifying white supremacy at Mount Rushmore – a region once sacred to tribal communities.”

The Democrat Party linked to an article from the far-left British newspaper The Guardian, which promoted the extreme view that Mount Rushmore is a “symbol of white supremacy.”

The tweet sparked instant and widespread backlash, and was quickly deleted by the party after only being up for approximately an hour.

Political commentator Stephen Miller commented on the tweet, writing: “Gosh, it sure would be neat if there were an entire industry of professionals who could ask the Democrat nominee for President of his party if he agrees with this sentiment that Mount Rushmore glorifies white supremacy.”

“I mean we still don’t even know where he stands on removing statues,” Miller continued. “They let him out to run around once a week and give a 12-minute statement on something and then back to basement grandpa.”

Political commentator Erielle Davidson wrote on Twitter: “Let the Democrats campaign on taking down Mount Rushmore. If they want to cater to the cultural Marxists, fine. But they’ll lose spectacularly.”

“It would be wise for the Democrats to realize that Twitter is not real life,” Davidson continued. “The cancel campaigns are much louder (and obnoxious) online than in real life.”

Matt Wolking, Deputy Director of Communications – Rapid Response for President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign, tweeted: “June 29, 2020, 9:57 PM ET, The moment the Democrat Party attacked Mount Rushmore, which features George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, as a symbol of white supremacy.”

Wolking added, “The (foreign media) article the Democrat Party linked to quotes an activist saying, ‘Mount Rushmore is a symbol of white supremacy, of structural racism that’s still alive and well in society today.’”

Mark Lotter, Director of Strategic Communications for Team Trump, wrote: “The party of Joe Biden is now attacking Mount Rushmore.”

Zach Parkinson, Deputy Director of Communications – Research for President Donald Trump’s 2020 Campaign, tweeted out photographs of top Democrats visiting Mount Rushmore.

Conservatives started warning last week that the political left was going to begin targeting Mount Rushmore as violent mobs toppled statues and destroyed monuments across the U.S.

Meghan McCain wrote on Twitter: “We’re like one week removed from entire cable news panels debating whether or not we should blow up Mount Rushmore.”

Ben Shapiro wrote on Twitter: “So, when is our woke historical revisionist priesthood going to insist on blowing up Mount Rushmore?”

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem responded to Shapiro’s tweet by writing: “Not on my watch.”

TRUMP 2020 July 4, 2020
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Patriot1951 July 1, 2020
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The Democrat Party, AKA the Communist Party is a traitorous Marxist / Socialist "enemy of the state". Period. Wake up, Patriots! This is War Against America!
Shooter842 July 1, 2020
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The democrats are say thing the 4th of July celebration is a celebration of "White Supremacy". Well, how many days are dedicated strictly or mainly to White persons? None. But, however, we have MLK,Jr's birthday. We have a whole month dedicated to black history. Up and coming is the holiday of Juneteenth, which was originally only celebrated in Texas, but now is nationwide. So, it looks like there more days dedicated to "Black Supremacy" than any other. It looks like the democrats are just pandering to a large voting base for their votes. PREDICTION: After the election, the democrats will largely forget about the blacks for another 4 years. Also, on Novenber 4, 2020, after President Trump wins reelection, there will be no more covid19 because it will not be able to used as a weapon against the President.
Barbara Wetherington July 1, 2020
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Simply being forced to listen to and watch the actions of the insane lefties makes people want to run out and join the white supremacy movement. Is that what the lefties want? It'll shut them down so fast that they will disappear and we will move backward in the fight for true equality. It is time for the crazy lefties to STFU....
Fran July 1, 2020
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I just can’t understand how Democrats can make this decision. What gives them this power?
Rick July 1, 2020
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democrats are determined to destroy this country...
Intellectual Impaler July 1, 2020
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H ere is a letter reply from Sen Kaine when I wrote him first over his slavery statement. I replied back after that one. ——- I appreciate your recent letter commenting on a Senate floor speech I gave where I described the sad history of slavery in Virginia and the United States. To begin, I know this is a painful topic. It is certainly painful for African Americans who contemplate the horrors inflicted upon their ancestors, horrors whose consequences remain today. And it is uncomfortable for those of us who descend from European settlers who helped perpetuate slavery. But we shouldn’t avoid candid discussion of important topics just because they are painful or uncomfortable. The main point that drew attention was my assertion that, in the New World, “we didn’t inherit slavery from anyone, we chose to create it.” Of course slavery existed in the world before the English came to Jamestown in 1607. In my comments, I acknowledged the existence of slavery elsewhere by describing the condition of the slaves who came ashore at Point Comfort, Virginia in 1619. My point was more specific. There was no law or custom dictating that the Virginia Company, the Virginia Colony or the United States must be a slave society. When the first Africans, captured from Portuguese slave traders, came ashore in 1619, there were no English or colonial laws assigning them to the status of slaves. At that time, some nations practiced slavery, and some did not. Some societies that had once practiced slavery had long ago abolished the practice. And so those early English colonists, who planted the seed that became the United States, had a choice to make. History makes very clear that the choice was neither easy nor immediate. Between 1619 and the 1660s, Africans arriving in Virginia were often treated as “indentured servants” just as many English settlers were. They would work for a term of years for a master and then be freed. Their children were not deemed slaves but were free. But, over time, the legal status of many Africans was transitioned to slavery while white indentured servitude was gradually abolished. The first legal ruling establishing the slavery of an African in the English colonies occurred in a criminal sentencing in Virginia in 1640. The first statute authorizing slavery was passed in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1641, and the Virginia General Assembly adopted several statutes in the 1660s institutionalizing slavery in ways that dramatically reversed provisions of English common law. Even though we were under no obligation to embrace slavery and even though many societies of the day did not, we went on honing the cruel institution with a Constitution enshrining slavery and an 1857 Supreme Court ruling going so far as to announce that no person of African descent, even free-born after hundreds of years of family ties to this country, could ever be considered a citizen of the United States. Not until the 13th Amendment was added to the Constitution in 1865 did we finally destroy the institution. Why does this matter? I think we have to acknowledge that America cannot blame our original sin of slavery on others. We were not forced to be a slave society. Instead, we chose to become a slave society. We created the mixture of laws that established American slavery, fine-tuned those laws and, thank goodness, finally destroyed them. And this history, in my view, puts the burden on us to continue working toward our nation’s equality ideal. I believe this includes governmental action to repair the lingering consequences of the tragic policies that our federal, state and local governments maintained for so long. Thank you so much for writing. Sincerely, Tim Kaine To: “U.S. Senator Kaine” Subject: RE: Reply from Senator Kaine Yet you will not admit it was your Party that relished in slavery by going to war over it and at the end of that war your Party terrorized the newly freed slaves and the Republicans who helped that to happen. How come when the 13th was added every Republican voted for the Amendment and few Democrats did? With that being asked, here is another one. Which Party was Racist? Woodrow Wilson’s policies took back what progress of equality with his segregationist ideals. LBJ was a racist and his statements he had made prove he was, “I’ll have those uppity N****** vote Democrat for 200 hundred years” when the Great Society was put forth which is now called Welfare (the Reparations that are being demanded now. When will it be enough? And since the Democrats were slave holders, they should pay the reparation price tag. Out of their pocket, not taxpayers.). Yet, Republicans are called racist? Hmmmmmm. Last I checked WW and LBJ were Democrats. Yes slavery was wrong (I or my family lineage has never owned a slave and probably had been). It was a footnote in History which this nutjob thinking of pulling down every monument and “seizing the day” moment will make it all disappear. It won’t. It just erases History. History which a saying goes that those who do not know History are doomed to repeat it. DO YOU WANT TO REPEAT that History? If we are not careful it will be repeated because of this touchy feely crusade has destroyed everything that MLK Jr had spent his life trying to get accomplished. Or is the ultimate goal to enslave every one in this quest for absolute power by division? While most of us look at the content of a person’s character, your Party ONLY sees skin color, to be used as you see fit. Why have the Democrats insist on hyphenating people? Why are we African-American or Asian-American or Hispanic-American? Are we not all Americans, first and foremost without any color qualifier to be anything other than American? Your Party talks a good game with the help of the Media, your barking dogs to “sound the alarm” whenever the Party needs a crisis to be unfolded. Why does your Party insist on Dividing everybody into niches and pigeonhole them? From most of us free thinkers (speaking of, whenever a black person tries to think for themselves how come thy are immediately called down to the Plantation house and labeled Uncle Tom or sell out or your not Black because they are thinking for themselves? Why is that?) who actually see what IS going on, it has nothing to do with equality but a lot to do with Division to create disharmony of the Union. MLK Jr is rolling in his grave right now over all the looting and rioting because HE was a peaceful protester that wanted content of character to be that equality not his skin color. If your Party would quit whipping up the masses into hysteria and rehashed History of slavery to be rewrote for the “woke” indoctrinated to believe every monument should be torn down when they are in a frenzy and NOT understand a thing about who they tear down in the process. Not every monument is “racist”. And people act like it will come to life if they blink. In reality what is being done is reminiscent of Communism. Communism rewrites History after it erases what it sees as unjust only to be just as unjust in the ideology when they succeed. Do you want to rewrite History too? Communism and Fascism are one and the same in tactics. Burn and destroy books, art and anything else they see as offensive. Are you a Communist Senator? Or are you a Fascist Senator? Which one? Because you act like you want to rewrite History and burn and destroy everything. Or do we learn from History and not repeat it?
Intellectual Impaler June 30, 2020
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They must be upset that Obama wasn't memorialized. The problem is we couldn't find a pile of shit big enough or we couldn't find a lump of coal big enough because he closed down the coal industry.
David Charles June 30, 2020
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Don't know where Biden stands regarding removal of statues??? Yes we do, he approves of it. His silence says his approval, just like that of most democrats.
oddy June 30, 2020
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oddy June 30, 2020
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we are going back to the monkey
Marilyn Stern June 30, 2020
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Leaders of their 'New World Order' are already in place. People of Color are the Democrats biggest asset. White hate their most effective weapon.
Mickey June 30, 2020
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I called the latoka Indian school and told them I would no longer contribute unless their tribal leaders shut down this destroy Mt. Rushmore narrative. Hate to go this route, but I have to fight fire with fire.
rcb June 30, 2020
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UNBELIEVABLE that dem/lib followers just drink the bile they spew. What is next, painting the White House--black??? Making everyone shine the shoes of BLM folks??? Tearing down ALL National monuments?? OMG this country is on the banana peel and hurtling towards the chasm....
Bill June 30, 2020
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It's really pathetic that these carrier Democratic politicians who took an oath to uphold our Constitution and Rule of Law. They have broken that oath and have turned against America. They would rather destroy America to unseat our dully elected President. There Oath also states To Support the President which never happened.
Evangeline June 30, 2020
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The Deep State and their puppets, the Dems are out to erase our history. That is one of the steps to taking over a country. Others are creating racial division, causing riots and fires, taking over the country's health care as we saw Obama do, and condemn patriotism. VOTE REPUBLICAN IN NOV. OUR COUNTRY DEPENDS ON IT.


Nikki Haley Breaks with Trump: ‘We Shouldn’t Have Followed Him, and We Shouldn’t Have Listened to Him’



Nikki Haley, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, believes that former President Donald Trump “let us down.”

Haley’s remarks come as the former president’s legal team prepares to present its defense of Trump during his second impeachment trial in the Senate.

In a Politico interview published Friday, Haley, former South Carolina governor, said that “we shouldn’t have followed” Trump.

“We need to acknowledge he let us down,” she said in an extensive profile. “He went down a path he shouldn’t have, and we shouldn’t have followed him, and we shouldn’t have listened to him. And we can’t let that ever happen again.”

She also told the outlet that she has not spoken to Trump since the Jan. 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol, and takes issue with his remarks condemning former Vice President Mike Pence’s refusal to reject the Electoral College vote.

“When I tell you I’m angry, it’s an understatement,” she expressed. “I am so disappointed in the fact that [despite] the loyalty and friendship he had with Mike Pence, that he would do that to him. Like, I’m disgusted by it.”

The former ambassador, who many people are speculating may run for the White House in 2024, also added that Trump will never accept the results of the 2020 presidential election.

“There’s nothing that you’re ever going to do that’s going to make him feel like he legitimately lost the election,” she explained. “He’s got a big bully pulpit. He should be responsible with it.”

Haley also warned that many people still love the former president and will not stop supporting him just because he is out of office.

“I know how much people love Donald Trump,” she admitted. “I know it. I feel it. Whether it’s an RNC room or social media or talking to donors, I can tell you that the love they have for him is still very strong. That’s not going to just fall to the wayside. Nor do I think the Republican Party is going to go back to the way it was before Donald Trump. I don’t think it should.”

Haley added that people, instead, should “take the good that he built, leave the bad that he did, and get back to a place where we can be a good, valuable, effective party.”

“[I]t’s bigger than the party,” she insisted. “I hope our country can come together and figure out how we pull this back.”

Referring to Haley’s possible 2024 ambitions, Politico’s Tim Alberta wrote, “Since last fall, I’ve spent nearly six hours talking with Haley on-the-record. I’ve also spoken with nearly 70 people who know her: friends, associates, donors, staffers, former colleagues. From those conversations, two things are clear. First, Nikki Haley is going to run for president in 2024. Second, she doesn’t know which Nikki Haley will be on the ballot.”

Haley also said that she didn’t believe Trump had a chance of winning in a 2024 election scenario.

“I don’t think he can,” she admitted. “He’s fallen so far.”

“I think his business is suffering at this point,” she added. “I think he’s lost any sort of political viability he was going to have. I think he’s lost his social media, which meant the world to him. I mean, I think he’s lost the things that really could have kept him moving.”

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WATCH: Trump’s Defense Team Absolutely Ruins Democrats With 13 Minute Montage of “Fight” Word Like Trump Did



The Democrats demonized President Trump for using the word ‘fight’. Trump’s attorneys responded today with a collage of clips from each of the Democrats in the room using the word ‘fight’.

This portion of today’s events on Capitol Hill was excellent. The Democrats claim that because President Trump used the word ‘fight’ in his speech on January 6th in Washington D.C. However, what every Democrat in that room forgot was that they too had used the word previously in political speech.

The montage went on for 13 minutes. (The video montage starts at 7:10 timeframe.)

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WATCH: Trump Attorneys Destroy House Managers on Lying to American Public and Using Manipulated Tweet as Evidence



President Trump’s defense team took the floor of the US Senate on Friday in defense of President Trump in the Senate impeachment trial.

Trump Attorney David Schoen absolutely destroyed the House Managers when he took to the floor of the US Senate.

At one point Schoen played video of the Democrat lawmakers lying about a Trump tweet.

House Impeachment Manager Eric Swalwell gave a riveting performance on Wednesday reading off Trump’s tweets with emotional appeal.

During this theatrical performance, Swalwell read off a Trump retweet by Jennifer Lynn Lawrence.

But there was one problem with the tweet. It was photoshopped.

Jennifer Lynn Lawrence has never been verified by Twitter. Democrats faked that to make it look more important.

On Friday Trump Attorney David Schoen destroyed Democrats for lying about this to the American public.


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White House Suspends Deputy Press Secretary For Allegedly Sexually Harassing, Threatening Reporter



The White House announced on Friday that it was suspending Deputy Press Secretary TJ Ducklo after a report surfaced alleging that he sexually harassed and threatened a female reporter who was getting ready to publish a report revealing that he was dating a reporter who had previously been tasked with covering Democrat Joe Biden.

“The confrontation began on Inauguration Day, January 20, after [Politico reporter Tara] Palmeri, a coauthor of Politico’s Playbook, contacted [Axios political reporter Alexi] McCammond for comment while one of her male colleagues left a message for Ducklo,” Vanity Fair reported. “Ducklo subsequently called a Playbook editor to object to the story, but was told to call the Playbook reporters with his concerns. But instead of calling the male reporter who initially contacted him, Ducklo tried to intimidate Palmeri by phone in an effort to kill the story. ‘I will destroy you,’ Ducklo told her, according to the sources, adding that he would ruin her reputation if she published it.”

“During the off-the-record call, Ducklo made derogatory and misogynistic comments, accusing Palmeri of only reporting on his relationship—which, due to the ethics questions that factor into the relationship between a journalist and White House official, falls under the purview of her reporting beat—because she was ‘jealous’ that an unidentified man in the past had ‘wanted to f***’ McCammond ‘and not you,’” the report added. “Ducklo also accused Palmeri of being ‘jealous’ of his relationship with McCammond.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said following the report that Ducklo has been suspended for a week over the incident.

“TJ Ducklo has apologized to the reporter, with whom he had a heated conversation about his personal life,” Psaki wrote on Twitter. “He is the first to acknowledge this is not the standard of behavior set out by the President.”

“In addition to his initial apology, he has sent the reporter a personal note expressing his profound regret,” she continued. “With the approval of the White House Chief of Staff, he has been placed on a one-week suspension without pay. In addition, when he returns, he will no longer be assigned to work with any reporters at Politico.”

Reporters called out the administration over the incident, highlighting how the Trump administration did not treat reporters that way as well as issues with the timeline of events with regard to the White House taking action to address the incident.

“The Vanity Fair piece indicates that Politico editors reached to the WH after the incident first occurred and the WH acknowledged it was inappropriate,” Spectator editor Amber Athey wrote on Twitter. “But they clearly didn’t have any interest in disciplining Ducklo until his behavior was made public.”

New York Magazine reporter Olivia Nuzzi wrote on Twitter: “I covered Donald Trump for 6 years. It is saying something that this behavior — from a Biden official — shocks me.”

Grabien founder Tom Elliott highlighted the following remarks that Biden made a few weeks ago: “If you’re ever working with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, I promise you I will fire you on the spot, on the spot. No if, ands, or buts. Everybody — everybody is entitled to be treated with decency & dignity.”

CNN anchor Jake Tapper responded to the quote, writing: “Standards that are not upheld are not standards. They’re lies.”

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