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CCTV footage captured the moment one of the suicide bombers in Sri Lanka walked into a church just moments before detonating a device, Indian media has claimed.

The chilling footage, which reportedly shows one of the attackers entering St Sebastian’s Church, shows a man wearing a large backpack walking into the building.

A large queue of people can be seen waiting outside ahead of the attack on Easter Sunday in the clip from the Indian channel TV 9.

The news comes after a van exploded near another church hit by suicide bombers in the co-ordinated attacks which killed 290 people.

Dramatic footage shows the vehicle erupting into a fireball around 50 metres from the St Anthony’s Shrine, one of three churches targeted in a string of suicide bombs on Sunday that killed 290 people.

The news comes as Sri Lankan authorities blamed the co-ordinated attacks on a little-known Islamist group with links to international terrorists.

Seven suicide bombers launched attacks on churches and five-star hotels, killing hundreds and injuring more than 500 people.

National Thowheed Jamaath (NTJ), an extremist Muslim group, are said to be behind the attacks, with Sri Lankan officials saying they received an intelligence warning ten days before.

Sri Lankan police also found 87 bomb detonators at the main bus station in the capital city today.

Meanwhile survivors of one of the church bombings have described how a suicide bomber calmly walked past worshippers and even touched a child on the head moments before the blast.

One survivor, Dilip Fernando said his family were at the St Sebastian’s church when the bomber struck in Sri Lanka’s seaside town of Negombo at around 7.30am on Easter Sunday.

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  • LHJ says:

    Why did Sri Lanka government not heed the warning? Did they not care if Christians & innocent bystanders were killed & maimed?

    • abolishliberalism says:

      like anywhere else they figured, “Noooo, it wont happen here, we are not that sort of place, these things dont happen here.” ……….people just dont take threats seriously enough, ever. its like they think if they just ignore it, it wont happen or it will just go away!

  • CF