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A graphic and disturbing video shows a group of men attacking a husband and wife after the couple attempted to stop the rioters from looting a business in Rochester, New York.

There were widespread looting and rioting in downtown Rochester Saturday evening, according to WHAM-TV. The Villa, a sportswear and sneaker store in Rochester, was one of the businesses looted on Saturday.

At the Rochester Fire Equipment Company, a group of men smashed the glass exterior, and were about to loot the jewelry store next door. The men were using 2x4s and a metal ladder to break the glass.

A woman told the men to stop destroying the business, and instead of dispersing, one of the men started punching the woman in the face. The woman covered her head as the rioter continued to pummel her.

The husband of the woman heard the commotion and came out of the store. The group then started hitting the husband and wife with the 2x4s. The husband used a golf club to attempt to fight off the men who were attacking his wife. The husband is struck several times with the 2x4s and screams in agony as he retreats back to the store.

Meanwhile, one of the attackers threw the woman head-first into a metal window covering. The husband returns and screams, “Get away from my wife!” The assailants then swing the 2x4s at the husband again.

The video ends abruptly as the husband and wife are still being assaulted.

Joe Painter, who took the video, said he was out grocery shopping when he saw the shocking scene. Painter, who says he is a veteran of the War in Afghanistan, told WHAM that the merciless beat-down was “one of the worst things he’s ever witnessed.”

Painter said he stopped recording because some of the attackers started running towards him.

As of Sunday morning, the woman is reportedly recovering.

(Content Warning: The following video contains graphic footage)

There was another horrifying video from Saturday’s riots where over a dozen rioters brutally beat and stomped a man in Dallas so violently that he fell unconscious.

  • LST says:

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  • RockyMtn 1776 says:

    Will New Yorkers vote Democrat again even after all of this ? Damn right they will !

  • Wolfy says:

    If you beat a mans wife with a 2×4 you need a lead pill for your troubles. To bad this is happening. There are a lot of neighborhoods where this is not happening just for the fact that people carry and will not tolerate this bullshit.

    • Annabel says:

      What is never addressed is that the injured people may recover in time but down the road ailments will flare up due to these injuries now….that is NEVER addressed. They may suffer severe headaches for the rest of their lives or other injuries may start to surface traceable back to their beating. They are NEVER compensated properly. We need to make sure the perpetrators are the ones who are left scarred for life not the victims. I’ve taken an excellent Self Defense course a while ago and am brushing up on it now. Well worth it.

  • CF