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Jill Stein, the green party candidate that called for a recount in Wisconsin, has raised millions of dollars off her phony attempt.  After she announced her efforts, and money from Hillary’s supporters came rolling in, Stein suddenly did a very strange thing.

First she asked for $2 million, then $3 mil, then $3.5, and now she claims she needs a whopping $5 million dollars for her “election integrity” efforts.

Jill Stein is aware she’s making a killing off this doomed effort.

How doomed? Even Hillary’s lawyer, Marc Elias, said the campaign’s own investigation has not uncovered any evidence of hacking of voting systems.

So why all the fuss? One word, MONEY.

Jill Stein is making an enormous amount of money off this recount. And she does not want to share it.

When Hillary joined the recount, Jill Stein denounced her saying,

Jill Stein is right to denounce Hillary. This is a pathetic attempt by both Hillary and Stein to grab a little money by duping Clinton supporters who still can’t believe she lost.

To me it just looks like the tired last grasp of the Washington establishment lining their pockets one more time before Trump completely drains the swamp.

Donald’s statement reads,


Do you agree with Donald Trump, or do you agree with Hillary and Jill Stein? Please let me know below.

Source: Conspatriots

  • Laurie says:

    Trump is president elect. I don’t know what their plans are why soros would pay for this unless he plans on changing the results. Don’t be fooled they are up to something. Send lawyers to watch the recount and check for any fraud they may try to pull. Soros wants his one world order to get richer at our expense. He is evil. Be very careful and cautious. If he can’t get hillary in they will try get you impeached. We love everything you stand for and are behind you 110%. Our country our future our kids our lives are in your hands. We will continue to pray for you Mr Pence and your families and your cabinet. I know you will make great choices just be careful there are people out there that will do their best to bring you down. May God guide and protect you all.

  • Israel says:

    Vibagree with Donal trump my president

  • Sabrina says:

    They both know its over..their just using the American people to line their pockets one last time before Trump takes over..

  • Beverly says:

    We agree with Donald Trump. We will not ever agree
    with a person that would have people killed because they get to close to anyone that crosses Hillary Clinton


  • Avelina Petrie says:

    Our President Trump is right on!!!
    This is absolutely ridiculous and Jil, Hillary and the Green Party should be audited by IRS for many years to come.
    I would be interested in knowing where is this noney going.

  • Sheryl lima says:

    Yes he won…ani believe there was a lot of fraud but it was Hillary s team that was doing it,remember Obama told illegals they could vote an nothing would happen to them…
    I believe he won popular vote too. I hope the recount will prove that. You had dead people illigals an machines taking Trumps vote an changing it to Hillary…didn’t hear about it the other way around did you… No

  • Fiesty says:

    Trump is right it’s all about the money! In fact the disclaimer at the end of her money beg stated that the money will not necessarily be used for the purpose of a recount. Aha! Fooled you stupid donars!

  • CF