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Donald Trump Jr. told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday that House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) did not delay sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate because of anything pertaining to President Donald Trump, but allegedly to harm Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

While discussing the upcoming Senate impeachment trial, Trump Jr. said, “The other thing I think Nancy’s trying to do with the delay is prevent other people, like Bernie, from actually being on the campaign trail.”

“Right,” Bartiromo responded.

“In other words, to try to guarantee…” Trump Jr. continued.

“Once again, they’re colluding against Bernie Sanders,” Bartiromo responded.

“Yes,” Trump Jr. replied. “By the way, I love that they collude against themselves in this way, because the last time they colluded to rig the Democrat primary, it worked out perfectly for us because we got Hillary, and that was a godsend.”

Political analyst Ari Fleicher also believes that is what Pelosi was doing in delaying sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate, writing, “Don’t rule out that the reason Pelosi hasn’t sent impeachment to the Senate is to hurt Warren and Sanders, and to help Biden. She knows she has no leverage over Sen. McConnell, but by timing the trial so it takes place during the Iowa lead-up, she has leverage over the liberals.”


President Trump also agreed, writing on Twitter: “They are rigging the election again against Bernie Sanders, just like last time, only even more obviously. They are bringing him out of so important Iowa in order that, as a Senator, he sit through the Impeachment Hoax Trial. Crazy Nancy thereby gives the strong edge to Sleepy Joe Biden, and Bernie is shut out again. Very unfair, but that’s the way the Democrats play the game. Anyway, it’s a lot of fun to watch!”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo: “This is the dirty little secret nobody is talking about: why the Speaker held these papers. This benefits Joe Biden. This harms Senator Sanders, who is in first place and could become their nominee.”

The Federalist ran a piece recently that floated the same reason for Pelosi’s actions, writing: “Sanders, however, clearly has momentum at a critical point in the primary that will now be interrupted by the impeachment proceedings. The fact that the impeachment trial will trap Sanders, Warren, and Klobuchar in the nation’s capital for the final days before the caucus leave the state wide open to Biden and Buttigieg in the senators’ absence.”

The Federalist added, “Pelosi’s bizarre and politically unwise decision to delay impeachment until this crucial moment provokes the question, then, of whether Pelosi deliberately held up the impeachment trial to sabotage the far-left senators’ campaigns.”

The New York Times said in a report last week that the idea was a conspiracy theory and said there was no evidence suggesting that it was true.

Fleischer responded: “Conspiracy theory? My NYT-labeled ‘conspiracy theory’ tweet re why Speaker Pelosi delayed sending impeachment to the Sen is more plausible than the Speaker’s own words. Everyone knows she had no leverage over McConnell. So why do it? To help Biden.”

“I, along with other Rs, made a plausible case. The NYT labels my case a ‘conspiracy theory.’ When Ds cited the Steele dossier, or collusion, or Michael Cohen in Prague, the media typically called those ‘allegations’,” Fleischer responded. “Back to my tweet. It’s no conspiracy theory to say Pelosi delayed the trial so Warren and Sanders would be in DC while Biden (and others) are in Iowa. Nothing is more important to her than winning the WH. That’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s a good analysis.”

  • Matt says:

    Nancy Pelosi is devious and crooked. She is dogged by the fact that she is not really all that clever.

  • Kanonymous says:

    There’s nothing that ‘conservatives’ love more than a good conspiracy theory, some ‘alternate facts’ that they can feel themselves clever at having pierced to the heart of Illuminati scheming or some such ballsack sweat they lick up indiscriminately, as in the pathetic gullibility of anyone who would believe Trump about anything. So here again comes a new c. theory so vacuous on its face, AS IF the impeachment process is about screwing Bernie over and not prosecuting Trump’s crimes! Lovely distraction though, certainly admired and toasted with vodka shots in the Kremlin even if the idea for it didn’t originate there, to manufacture such fake phony lying fuck propaganda designed to drive wedges between Democrats. The problem being that Democrats are already okay with disagreeing with other Democrats, we’re a herd of cats after all compared to the docile obedient sheep of those religious/authoritarian flocks of Trump Cultists. Which thank god those cultists are in the minority! The last election was stolen from the majority of voters through the fluke of the Electoral College and the assistance of Vladimir Putin, but now that we know those threats in ways we didn’t before, we are somewhat immunized against them. And Trump’s brand of Fascism is going to be stopped, whether through conviction in the Senate or in the election, this year. Get used to the idea!

  • Evangeline says:

    Spot on Don Jr. But I think she also with withheld them because she knew she had nothing and wanted time to dig up some real dirt on Trump.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Dems to use impeachment to “flip Senate to thier side” thus President has no powers.
    Impeachment is side show gamebit

    • Kevin says:

      Vote every Crooked Democrat out of office, start with 2020 then work forward until everyone of the American Hating Democrats are out of office.
      Break their PiggyBanks!

  • CF