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If Democratic Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro thought his doxing stunt would dissuade Republicans from donating to President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, he could not have been more wrong.

On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show on Wednesday, Castro, who is the chairman of his twin brother Julian Castro’s presidential campaign, told host Willie Geist that “what I would like for [Trump donors] to do is think twice about supporting a guy who is fueling hate in this country.”

But the donors haven’t exactly “thought twice” about continuing to support Trump. Instead, they’ve doubled down.

“It looks like another million dollars is now headed to support the Trump 2020 campaign from those of us who were targeted, and other Texans, including Hispanics, incidentally, whose resolve to support [the president] is only strengthened by this personal attack,” one donor, attorney R.H. Bowman, said according to the Washington Examiner.

In an Aug. 5 tweet, Castro published on Twitter a list of 44 people from around San Antonio, Texas, who had donated the maximum amount to the president in 2019.

See a redacted version of the tweet below.

Now, the San Antonio-based donors are calling themselves the “Texas 44.” And they are unfazed by Castro’s antics.

“My phone’s been lit up for two days with calls from many of the Texas 44 and others of our friends here in Texas who are outraged by Castro’s comments,” Bowman said.

But the response from the Texas lawyer hasn’t been the only backlash Castro has faced.

As the Examiner reported, at least six of the 44 individuals have donated to previous campaigns of the Castro brothers. Calling out one’s own donors isn’t a great look.

Other members of the “Texas 44” have called Castro’s actions “disgusting” and “pitiful,” according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Some have even speculated that the congressman’s tweet will affect Democratic turnout in the 2020 presidential election.

“I don’t think [my Democratic friends are] going to vote. I don’t think they’ll vote for Trump, but they’re not going to vote for the Democrats,” one of the targeted donors, a retired woman, told The DCNF.

When even the hosts of MSNBC shows are pressing Castro to defend the doxing, it’s fair to wonder whether the congressman’s stunt could have long-lasting implications.

If Bowman’s fundraising claims are any indication, Democrats could be in trouble in 2020.

  • Carl says:

    Sorry Castro but it is you democrats and the lying media that is fueling hate in this country, u you idiots use racism as a excuse for every thing under the sun.

  • Annabel says:

    President Trump is not campaigning so how can he be fueling the hate? The only ones mentioning HATE are the leftists as usual. Have they not heard what the Ventriloquist’s dummy aka Mad Maxine, has been spewing out? Inciting people to get in their faces. Mind you those who spew the most hate against the President are the ones
    with the most to hide. Their day will come…it is on the horizon now.

  • GEORGE EADY says:

    the DNC still thinks that if they say it you will believe it. NOT the case any more . most know it the mouth of a demco-rate speaks it lieing or misleading . it seems like the more news air time they get they shoot them selfs in the foot . AND THAT IS A GOOD THING

  • CF