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Allan Lichtman, an American historian who has correctly predicted the last nine presidential elections, says the 2020 presidential contest is “very close and very difficult call.”

“This is a very close and very difficult call. I don’t think either the Democrats or the Republicans should be sending up any victory flags at this point. Too much is still up in the air and in the age of Trump, things can change very quickly,” the American University professor told the New York Post in a recent interview.

Lichtman is best known for developing the “13 keys to the White House,” the list of criteria he uses to derive his electoral predictions. The metrics include the economy, incumbency, military success and failure, scandal, third party candidates, and policy changes, among others. When five or fewer metrics are false for the incumbent, the system predicts an incumbent win; six or more indicates a challenger victory.

Though he said the 2020 election is “very close,” Lichtman said the “inevitable impeachment” of President Donald Trump would only be his fourth false metric, meaning re-election is still in the president’s corner.

“The party holding the White House would have to lose six keys to count them out. If you add in the inevitable impeachment, that would be a fourth key,” Lichtman told the Post.

So what could push Trump over the metric threshold? Lichtman said a Senate trial and any subsequent fallout with voters.

For his part, Lichtman said he personally supports impeachment. He told the Post that American “democracy could go down in flames” if Trump is not “held accountable.”

Over the summer, Lichtman predicted that Trump would cruise to re-election, saying at the time that there is only one roadblock to Trump’s second term: impeachment.

  • Gr8awakening says:

    Lichtman is obviously biased. He could easily predict the winners of any pre-determined outcome in any election; who couldn’t? So knowing that the satanic worshippers love their numerology and Lichtman just happens to have wrote the (13 Keys to the White House). If you know the Satan worshippers they love that number.
    Princess Dianna hit the 13th column.
    No doubt this is too close to call because he didn’t expect the last election that was totally fixed to not elect Hillary. Dead voters, Illegal Immigrants, stuffed absentee ballots, rigged election booths, more people voting in districts than actually live in them, electronic algorithms shaving votes remotely and the list goes on.
    TRUMP still won!!
    The only way to beat him is by impeachment full stop!!!

  • bren n texas says:

    Their hatred of President Donald Trump is the most important detail of this absurd impeachment charge and they think that is enough without any evidence that warrants it. They hate that he is bringing the economy to the greatest point in recent history, trying to stop illegals ( their voters) from just coming into our country committing crimes including murders and the liberal Democrats turn them loose to kill again. Trump has changed the way our country has been taken advantage of with trade deals, so that we the people are getting the best deals and not letting all these countries push us to accept the absurd deals. Maybe it’s because of the favors and corruption on the part of the Swamp they have gotten in the past ! This is all leading to the point of that we need TERM LIMITS so that these liberal democrats pushing impeachment don’t think they have superior power to do what they want and screw our people and country for their benefit. Stay strong Mr. President ( my president) and continue to bring our country back to the greatness we have had in the past ! And thank YOU and your family, especially the First Lady, for enduring the absurd treatment that all of you have endured and don’t deserve !!

  • CF