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Enraged Muslim Messes With Texas Driver… Learns a BRUTAL Lesson!



We’ve all heard the slogan, “Don’t mess with Texas,” but for one enraged Muslim driver that phrase now has a much more literal meaning.

Ziad Abu Naim was driving in Houston, Texas, when his road rage got the better of him. Apparently Naim was upset with the way that another driver, Robert Craig Klimek, was driving and wanted to teach him a lesson.

Naim, according to bystanders, came out ready for a fight and approached Klimek’s car ready to pummel him. Unfortunately, it appears that Naim forgot that he was in Texas.

People watching the altercation reported that they feared for Klimek, but that, as Naim approached Klimek’s car with obvious intent to harm him Klimek pulled out a gun and shot Naim in the face.

Klimek was afterwards arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon–an interesting choice of words because he wasn’t the one doing the assaulting–and Naim was rushed to the Memorial Hermann Hospital. Unfortunately, Naim was paralyzed and in critical condition and later died of his injuries.

Klimek, on the other hand, is facing a tough trial in a case that boils down to self-defense and his right to bear arms. His lawyer is adamant that Klimek was acting in self-defense, something that witnesses would appear to corroborate, but the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has also gotten involved.

CAIR is claiming that, before Klimek shot Naim, he shouted out a religious-themed epithet: “Go back to Islam.”

Of course, the case will be decided, not by a biased group like CAIR, but by the careful and studied investigation of the local police–which would appear to be good for Klimek.

Though escalating a road rage encounter to a shooting seems like the worst news you might have read today, the real story has to do with Klimek using his rights and standing up for himself. Self-defense is alive and well in the United States, or at least in Texas.

Source: Conservativeworlddaily

  • R. Brown says:

    So what if he yelled “Go back to Islam”. He excercised his first amendment right. That does not give the other individual the right to physically attack him, and doing so gives Klimek the right to defend himself.

  • Pam says:

    He was physically attacked by this guy and it was self defense. Saying go back to Islam with our countries situation I think is an ok thing to say but it didn’t warrant a physical attack! It was self defense !

    • rick says:

      we cannot take this incident lately.Because it will send a signal to all radical muslims to think they can do what ever they want to all non muslims.Already they are behaving like untouchables in schools public places restaurants that they own America.Muslism should respect others too if they don’t like it here go back all E,U countries Australia,aCanada are all suffering because of these muslim .Its sad a life is lost but please don’t play with fire.

  • Robert Rudasill says:

    So what if he yelled go back to Islam it’s not a hate crime to telling the truth what about all the Muslims yelling death to Americans freedom of speech damn right I’m shooting again if I had the chance

  • CF