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EXCELLENT! Trump Made His Choice, Trey Gowdy For a Next Attorney General of US



Lately, Trey Gowdy finds out about the great news that he had been reelected by a landslide for a fourth term in his Congressional seat representing upstate South Carolina.

From Conservative 101:

Even if he has this great chance to serve that fourth term he may say no,because according to reports, he is a finalist for a very important position in the cabinet that President-Elect Donald Trump is currently assembling.

For the U.S. Attorney General position are considered several names but on the top of that list are Trey Gowdy together with Rudy Giuliani.

However, Trey did not say his final decision ,but he said “The voters have given us the greatest privilege in a democratic republic, which is the opportunity to govern.”about his role in Washington.

Then he set the following “It is imperative we keep our word to the American people and govern in a way worthy of their respect. Voters spoke in loud, clear terms and those entrusted with the opportunity to serve should listen and hear with equal clarity.”

Do you think that Gowdy is the right person to work with Trump?

Source: Conservative 101

  • Jane Munsey says:

    II love Trey for his “stand up” conviction for what is right and good. He has come to the forefront for “such a time as this.”May God use him in a mighty way to help lead this country back to the values our forefathers intended from the very beginning.

  • E. j. piepenburg says:

    YES! He would be a good choice for Attorney General.

  • CF